NYC (or NY/NJ/CT Metro Area) Dopefest - 7/21

Yesterday’s New Jersey Dopefest was a lot of fun, and I’m thinking that it would be great to meet other Dopers near me. IIRC, there hasn’t been an NYC/Metro Area Dopefest for a while.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer to host anything at my place. It’s a not-so-big 5th floor walk-up in the Bronx, several blocks away from the nearest subway station.

We could meet at a restaurant, or in a park, or aomewhere else fun, though. I’m thinking of a dinner or Sunday afternoon get-together some time in July–I was thinking of July 22. Anyone interested? Is that a good weekend to pick, or is there another time that would work better? (I assume the weekends before and after the 4th are out).

I’m interested. If it is a small gathering I could even host at my Brooklyn apt.

I’m in, but I didn’t like the restaurant - bar thing we did last time. Face it, I don’t drink, I’m no fun.

I’ll come.

I’m a new Doper but I’d like to come. Are newbies included?

Of course, we’ll just bring a fresh goat.

Museum tour?
Strange museum tour? Forbes museum?

I was saying yesterday I’d like to get to one more NYC meeting before I relocate. So I’m interested.

Count me in! I just moved to NYC on the 1st of June and I would love to get a chance to meet all the awesome people that live near me.

I hope to be there

I live in Brooklyn, less than a block from the Clinton/Washington stop on the C train. The Brooklyn Museum and the Botanical gardens are a short subway ride away. My building has a small backyard where were could BBQ and chill out.

So if we keep it down below say 15 people, then we could meet here.

I would love to attend a NYC Dopefest. In fact I was talking to **Scribble ** and **Little Nemo ** about it yesterday.


I know Jamaika a jamaikaiaké and I would come; we even briefly discussed hosting one, but that is unlikely since our apartment is about the size of a postage stamp. It’s too early, though, for us to give an opinion about the date.

I got a Wii I could bring. Or anime DVDs up the wazoo.

Yes, we were talking about a Jersey City Dopefest. (15 minutes on the PATH from the West Village!) Due to the aforementioned size of our apartment, we also were thinking about a park or restaurant or bar (NJ smoke-free since last year) or museum or something.

Naturally, we are up for something in NYC.

Oh, and I really like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. We could see a movie at BAM.

Which is just a stroll away from my place or, I have a nice collection of movies.

I’m glad to see so many people say they’d like to come!

I think the question at this point is where we should meet and what you’d all like to do while we’re hanging out together.

Zebra–Thanks for your offer to host a small group at your place! That’s really nice of you. So far, we’ve got 11 (by my count) people, including you and me, saying they’d like to come to an NYC Dopefest. I’ll bet that that number goes up as more and more people see this thread. How many people do you think could fit comfortably in your apartment?

Absolutely! Welcome to the Dope!

In the backyard, about 15, actually inside the apartment, maybe a dozen or so.