Sochi Bathroom Sign

This sign:

It seems to me to be a parody. Does anyone know if it is real?

There are also signs instructing people to not flush used toilet paper . . . with a receptacle to dispose of it.

That’s not very unusual in countries where the sewage systems aren’t that great. It’s standard practice everywhere I’ve been in Greece.

The article you linked to includes what appears to be an actual photo of the sign Tweeted by an athlete, so it does appear real. Bizarre. The twin toilet thing (linked in the article) is also amusing. Maybe they think the partner sport participants do everything together.

What the heck is the person in the bottom right corner doing?

Took me a while to figure that one out. I think he’s using a hypodermic needle in his arm.

Taking drugs.

Seems like a hoax to me. I don’t think that there is a significant number of individuals in Russia who would consider going fishing in a toilet in the first place. And why would anybody forbid vomiting in a toilet? That’s certainly not the main purpose, but it occurs frequently and it should be considered a legitimate use of the toilet by any standard.

I thought the toilet paper sign was real. It had the proper can to dispose of it, and evidently it is common in most of the world. OTOH, the pictogram sign seems fakey. Fishing and vomiting? Where else would you vomit? And what is the very last guy doing. Hanging wallpaper?

You know, it could be a real but lighthearted sign.

They all look like official Olympic Winter Toilet Games to me.

I agree the bottom right corner is shooting heroin. The gold goes to the US!

Should have googled more before asking. First, it was tweeted by a skateboarder, which dramatically reduces the chance it is real, and this is from 2008 and is almost identical.

Wait… you mean I’ve been peeing in the urinal wrong this whole time?!

Also, clearly you are allowed to pee while standing, just not on the wall.


There is at least one sign that has a good reason to exist, the one prohibiting squatting above the toilet seat. In some parts of the world, squatting above a hole, even a porcelain hole with metal foot pads and a flush mechanism, is the standard bathroom appliance. I can see the need for this instruction in an Olympic village.

Hmmm, I have heard many women claim that is strange restrooms they pee while squatting. I had always assumed that they meant on the seat just like that picture.

In one village in Mali, we were taken to the second floor of a building to pee. The toilet was just a groove cut into the floor, and the urine was directed into a scupper than then emptied into the dirt street below. I had wondered why everybody walked in the middle of the street there.

Yeah, I was wondering how people traveling there especially journalists could find this to be a strange request.

It’s a real sign, but an old joke. I most recently saw it in the restroom at Antica Trattoria “da Tito” in Florence, Italy, this past summer.