Social Anxiety and Face Masks

Just curious about other people who may suffer from SA and what effect wearing a mask may be having. I’ve suffered with SA most of my life. Sometimes it’s better than others and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

I’m finding that wearing a mask is actually having a good effect on my stress levels when around people or talking to them. I can kind of hide behind it. And, if I have a hat on, the only thing showing is my eyes. In the long-run it’s probably not healthy to feel like I can hide in plain sight but, for now, I’m kind of liking it.

Also, nobody knows that I’m telling them to ‘fuck off’ as I walk by…

I worry a lot about being harassed for wearing a mask. Not that I’ve really been anywhere that masks weren’t required. But I would be very anxious to go somewhere where masks aren’t mandatory.

I have a friend in is twenties who is “on the spectrum” (a term I hate) and is also ADHD. He hates the masks with a passion. He can’t stand anything touching or near his face, such as a headset microphone. But his beard doesn’t bother him. I pointed out some of the advantages of wearing a mask (no need to trim mustache, can say what you want under your breath, can remain fairly anonymous but none of that wins points with him. So, he’s at home except for when he escapes for a bike ride. This is very tough on him.

My daughter looooves wearing her mask. She said it helps with her social anxiety. I hate it myself but I do it cuz I gotta. I never realized how bad my mouthbreathing was until I had to wear a mask. I try clearing out my sinuses first but it never fails, about 10 minutes in my mask is damp after being breathed into my mouth. I think I would like it if not for that. But what I really hate is I can’t understand people wearing masks. I guess it’s an auditory processing issue but I found that I also rely on looking at mouths to hear better.

My son, oh man. I keep buying masks thinking THIS WILL BE THE ONE. I did find one he’ll bear briefly but there’s no way he’d be able to go all the school day wearing a mask as they are in our district. he’s virtual now and it’s not going well but not much can be done.

I love hiding my face. Especially when I go to the store in my sweats.

@Rushgeekgirl, @ThelmaLou made a thread about a mask for singers that leaves room around the nose and mouth but still seals well around the edges. They’re being sold by I may splurge for one. They’re kind of unusual looking, but look to really help with the lack of airspace inside a typical mask.

I get nervous when I can’t see people’s facial expressions. I think they’re all frowning under their masks. They may be, but probably no more than usual in regard to me. I’m getting used to it though, compared to dying a slow horrible death it’s not such a great annoyance.

I’m partially deaf in on ear and almost always have to lip read the first few words someone says before I can hear them. I am constantly saying “pardon?” “what?” “hmm?”. It’s annoying and makes communication harder for me. But, because being social can cause me anxiety, it’s also kind of a good thing because I don’t have to try as much.

I have a mixed bag of diagnosis, one of them is Social Anxiety. I find so much relief while wearing the mask when I must go out that I don’t think I will ever give it up. I find there is so much freedom in just wandering away in a vague manner when I am feeling stressed or triggered. It helps that I am always accompanied by my daughter+, so if I seem to be less than fully hinged, I’m okay with it! I recently found some ideas to bling your masks out, so, for the time being, I am embracing mask wearing with enthusiasm!

I’ve worked in a clean room for 25 years. I have noticed some people are extroverts when the are in the lab with full gear on. But when you see them outside the lab, they become really quiet.