Social Security Disability hearing - religion questions

My GF just had a hearing regarding her denied SSDI benefits - she is unable to work due to crippling anxiety and depression that resists treatment. I wasn’t in the room, but she told me about it later - the judge asked her several questions about religion, including “Are you a spiritual person?” and “Are any of your close family members religious?” The lawyer made no mention of this and seemed to think the hearing went well. Is there any legitimate reason for a judge in such a case to ask questions like that?

I have not been to an SSDI hearing, but I know someone who has. I asked her if she was asked questions about her religious beliefs/practices, and she said no. I don’t think this could be a standard procedure. I was thinking maybe he was thinking about what resources she has available to her for her depression/anxiety, as some people do get counseling through their churches, but the judge apparently didn’t phrase it that way.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will happen along. Best of luck to your girlfriend.

Who knows? Maybe the judge was trying to determine if religion could be a source of her anxiety.

Does your GF have the ability to get up, take a shower and go shop for groceries? He may have asked her about religion to see if she was able to attend religious services, even with her anxiety.

She is able to take care of herself, but has trouble leaving the house a lot of the time. Neither she nor I are religious in the least (nor is she troubled by religion or religious people), so at least if that was the point, it was moot.