Socially Conservative Democrats vs. Socially Conservative Republicans

In your view are socially conservative Democrats (mostly blacks and working class whites in the North) more moderate in their rhetoric or opposition to abortion and gay marriage than socially conservative Republicans?

In general, yes. Especially black Democrats- as popular as the President is among black Democrats, I believe that his support for SSM alone will take big, big swaths of the African-American population with him in support of it.

I’m not sure if I’m reading the OP correctly: is he asking about those segments of African Americans and blue collar Whites in the North that oppose abortion and SSM? Or is he assuming that AA and bcWitN generally oppose abortion and SSM?

Because if it is the latter, then majorities of AA have supported keeping abortion legal for quite some time, and now seem to support SSM as well.

I’m talking about those who are socially conservative specifically since I’m comparing those soccons who are GOP with those who are Democrat.