Sock banned: Will puppeteer be banned, also?

Earlier today, a thread was posted in GQ by someone calling him/herself Shockpuppet307. The first sentence said (paraphrased), “I have created this sock puppet account so that I might ask the following question without giving away my identity.” This thread disappeared quickly, and the sock was banned. I am curious to know what, if anything, is done to the puppeteer in a case like this?

Oh, I banned the puppeteer too. That’s SOP.

Thought it would be, I was just curious. Excellent work, BTW. That thread left treadmarks on my screen as you towed it away. :slight_smile:

Someone please fill me in. What does SOP mean?

Standard Operating Procedure.

Not “Sock-Occupying Puppet?”

Who was it and what was the question?

Thank you! :smiley:

I would like to see authorized sock puppets. For those of us that have become too well known on the boards, or are worried that a particular thread may adversely affect how people treat the posters later threads, this would be useful. Ask the mods for permission first, send them the question, and if approved, you get to use a sock puppet for that one thread. Everyone would know it was a sockpuppet and the personal, controversial, or otherwise antagonistic question could be asked.

I guess, without seeing the GQ in question, that part of me is sympathetic to the desire to ask a question without giving away one’s identity. Certain sorts of questions lend themselves to anonymity, for the questioner faces the consequences of being known for having had such a query. I’ve never employed a sock puppet, but I realize that there are both malignant and benign uses for such a thing.

Of course, anybody stupid enough to admit he was a sock puppet in his post probably deserves what he gets.

gasp No one does that here! :stuck_out_tongue:

In some ways I almost agree with you, but in others I’m a stick-to-your-guns kind of guy. If you’ve got something to say, you shouldn’t hide to say it. So I dunno. The policy doesn’t really bother me.

I can see the validity of someone being able to ask a very personal medical question under a pseudonym. The problem is that it isn’t very anonymous here, especially with so many members meeting up in real life.

So for someone to be denied the chance of asking a relevant medical question seems harsh. The only non-sock option would be to get a close friend to register and ask. I am sure the mods would consider leniency in such a case.

Because political opinions are one thing, but being able to ask for advice and information about an STD, say, is quite a different matter. I don’t see why anyone - regular poster, lurker, or newbie - should face the choice of (a) loss of privacy (b) loss of SDMB as useful information source for such a matter.

You can’t use socks? The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be disappointed…

Such a policy would only lead to mistrust and paranoia. A kind of Mods’ secret police. They know whose hand is in the sock, but if they told you they’d have to kill you.

Not to mention countless threads of speculation, accusations and arguments about who owned which sock.

I don’t see it working.

Perhaps they could submit the question to a moderator and they would post it for them saying “this question submitted by anonymus poster” yadda yadda yadda.
BTW have I perhaps unknowingly made a poor choice of screen name?

And here I was, thinking that you’d intentionally chosen a very witty name.

Still, I don’t think anyone’s going to get confused by it or complain about it.

Maybe I’m being stupid here (certainly not the first time), but why couldn’t someone who’s concerned about this just say it’s about a “friend?” Not very original, but at least it’d leave some doubt as to whether the issue was about the OP or someone else.

You would really be fooled by this clever device? Do you think anybody else would be fooled by this?

I thought of that. But if it was something terribly, terribly personal, and that person found it hard to share such information, they might not even want to do that.

Another example might be someone that was being stalked (or cyberstalked) wanting information on that. They might not want to inflame the stalker further by appearing to ask for information on how to stop them.

Yet another example (a fun one!) could be someone whose SO posted on the board, and wanted advice on a birthday present for them, without them knowing. Eg they want to buy a sexy video, or suchlike, it would be very obvious if they said “a friend of mine”.

I don’t know what the board administration’s policy is on such circumstances, but IMO none of them would cause “harm” - in fact, rather they would benefit the pseudo-sock and the board at large.

Color me crazy here folks, but it seems to me that the mods here are perfectly reasonable people - if a question needed to be asked and some anonymity required by the person asking, wouldn’t it make sense just to email a mod and ask how to best post such a thing?