Socks. . . Best if used by?

Okay, I guess I’ve been out of the sock buying market for a while, but my wife just bought me a package of cheap Wal-Mart socks. Which is fine, but what I don’t understand is why the package is a zip lock package. They’re very proud of the fact that the package is resealable.

On the front it says “Resealable: see back” and on the back it says “Resealable/Bolsa Resellable” inside a square wave that runs across the package (I guess that’s the universal symbol for resealable).

So, has anyone else run across this phenomenon? Are my socks going to go bad? Should I keep them in the refridgerator?

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Dude, those would be awesome if I were travelling: Put all your socks in the bag, squeeze the zip-lock mostly closed, roll the bag up to squeeze all the air out and seal–PRESTO! Your once big bag of socks is now only half the size.

Just open the seal to let the air in to “inflate” your socks again.

That’s why SpaceBags are so popular with me.

I think that’d come in handier when you just finished using them. Ziplock them and no odor gets out!

From here:

Apparently, you can always use them in case your socks get wet.

Actually, I found several sites that claim it’s useful for keeping clean clothes dry and dirty clothes from stinking up the place, especially camping/hiking/etc.

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