Soda ban...good idea or misguided nanny state horseshit?

I’m in here agreeing with a post from Oakminister, truly these are the 2012 end times pop culture prophesied.

You are now my favorite poster of all time. Congratulations!

Honestly, I would have thought we’d see taxes on certain foods/drink raised before any serious talk of banning.

The ads are for Coca Cola, Lipton Tea and Diet Coke.

Can we supersize that?

I think it is a bad idea. Even if it worked, it still isn’t a good idea.

I think the idea should be banned.

I think banning things should be banned

Why don’t we bandy that idea out over a 32 oz soda?

Yeah, that really doesn’t sound like “nanny state horseshit”. It does sound like a great way for some folks to make a mint on soda sales “Remind me again, what’s our profit margin on a 16oz cup of soda with unlimited refills?” and blame it all on the evil nanny state.

CMC fnord!

But not goose, that’s really Greecey.

Especially if you Finnish the whole thing.

I would if I was Hungary enough.

Waiter, Czech please.

I’m instinctively against the idea of an outright ban.

I might support some government action that encouraged less soda consumption depending on the details.

That’s a Wale of an idea.

I dunno… maybe some tax breaks would Sweden the deal…

Oman Oman will you be sick

Maybe they could put warning pictures of Wilford Brimley hawking you diabetes medication on the sodas.

Since there does not actually seem to be a debate, here, this thread and its bad puns are moving to IMHO as a Pole.

It’s a plot by Coca Cola to at least triple its profits. A legislated ban? Follow the money.

What’s next, threats of “I’ll ban ya!” ?

[sub]Okay, I’m not proud of that one[/sub]

Exactly! If you allowed an unfettered free market you’d have perfectly healthy, safe, and cheap soda made with real cane sugar by the keg!