Soda Can Tops & Ron McD's Houses?

Recently, I came across a place collecting those tops again…you know, the little pull-tabs atop your soda (pop) cans. This time, it is for the benefit of the local Ronald McDonald House… Has anyone else seen/heard about this for their local Ronald McDonald House? Or, is this just the start another bad practice?

  • Jinx

Ronald McDonald House was indeed collecting these at one time to sell for scrap and donate the money, don’t know if they still are. (Beware similar efforts that are just urban legends, however.)

Cecil speaks on similar collections here.

Ronald McDonald Houses have been collecting pop tabs for many years now, and actively promote the collection of them. However, they have stopped promoting the myth that they are made of “stronger aluminum”, and also accept donations of the entire can. The RMDH in Indianapolis has deals with most of the recycling centers in the area so that a donor can make their deposit any time they like, and the money from them will go straight to RMDH.

The reason RMDH focuses on pop tabs is because they are much smaller and are easier to handle - and thus it is easier for the RMDH to get a business to put a collection tin/cup in the office. The placement of a collection tin (and the subsequent free publicity as well as relationship built with the organization) is worth much more than the money generated by the pop tabs.

Cecil speaks on similar collections here.

For what it’s worth, my boss brought in a little R. McD. house collection box for pull tabs a couple of years ago, so yes, they did do it., though, as Cooking says, I don’t know if they still are.