Sods Law

I’m not being funny right, nor am i exaggerating, but every single bloody time i turn my radio on or merely flick around different stations, i ALWAYS catch the end of a song that i really like. And i dont mean the last 2 mins, i mean the last note, the last chord the last breath from the singer…

Its really bugging me now and it never fails to make me feel like beating my stereo with a pick axe till its in at least 1000 pieces.

Then to make matters worse, i put the tele on cos i’m in a mood with my broken radio, and what happens?? i catch the credits from a program i would have liked to have seen.

So why is this?? am i just unlucky? is someone wanting to punish me?? or is it sods law?

Buy the disc and a VCR. If this phenomenon continues you have indeed stumbled onto the Dumb Bastard corollary of Sods’ Law. Best of Luck to you.

MPSIMS, me thinks…