Software for burning big data files to multiple CD-R’s?

I’m looking for a program to backup my mp3’s (15 gigabits worth), without compression, or encryption, that will span the project across multiple cd-r’s and doesn’t require me to break the project into many separate projects under 700mb.
That is, I want a program that will prompt me to when to add the next cd when the last one is filled up and will not require me to purchase the program in order to copy the files from the disks to another computer. Again, I don’t want the data to be compressed or encrypted. Ideally I want to be able to access each disk individually to play it on a mp3 player.

To put it simply, I want to copy all my mp3 files, as is, to cd-r’s as easily as possible and do it for free.

Does anyone have recommendations for freeware, shareware, or trial ware that will do this?
TIA, Tross

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Winzip will do it

You will have to burn the files as mp3’s if you want to be able to do this (as opposed to .zip or.rar).

If I’m reading you correctly, you want to just drag and drop your music directory into a program and let it take care of everything automatically. The way you phrase your first paragraph makes it seem like your talking about WinRAR but you said no compression. Am I correct here?

Anyway, try CDex. I’ve heard some good things about it. It’s freeware too.

Oops, CDex is a ripping program. Sorry. :slight_smile: Let me see if I can find something before the board closes for the night.

Nero can do this. It can also intelligently organize files so that CDs are most efficiently used.

You are correct here, and I would venture to guess, in many other ways besides.

I have no clue what WinRAR is. My phrasing is only indicative of a disturbed mind and I will offer no apologies for it. :wink:

Thanks a bunch for the link. I’ll give it a try.

WinRAR is a file archiver. It would produce multiple CD-sized RAR files, that would burn. It won’t do what you need, since the MP3s can’t be played without extraction.

Winrar & Winzip you can get at You can also search that place for other programs. I assume this is a PC & not a Mac Tross?

Boy, 15gigs @ 700megs/cd =alot of cds

I downloaded Nero and it took 25 disks to backup my folder. It seems to have copied the mp3’s as is, but I’m suspicious that my computer is playing the files already stored on my media player and only using the cd as a kind of shortcut to the mp3’s hard drive. I’m going to lend my disks to a friend and see if he can get them to play.

Yes, it’s a PC. I checked out before I came here with my question because the product descriptions left me wanting more info. I tried Genie and it encrypted all my data which I didn’t want. I stopped the backup one disk shy of the end, because I ran out, and figured that was good enough. Well, it turned out I needed that last disk to open the other twenty four. After having tossed 24 disks in the trash I was very wary of experimenting with anything else. Maybe Nero did the trick, I’m not sure yet.

In regards to using compression: Are mp3’s compressible enough to make it worth while?

Oops, that should be:
…using the cd as a kind of shortcut to the mp3’s (on the)hard drive.

I use Nero for burning cd’s as well. My program is the paid version which came with my cd burner so I wasn’t aware of the free version. On my version I just choose music>mp3 disk to back up my mp3’s. I assume the free version will be setup the same way.

Here’s a easy way to test if they are files on the cd or just shortcuts. Pick a song and try playing it (it works? good). Now go to your music directory and rename the song. Something as simple as adding a 1 to the end of the filename should work. Now try playing that song again.

Alternatively you can borrow a friend’s computer or mp3 player (if you haven’t already). Hope that helps.

"Maybe Nero did the trick, I’m not sure yet. "

I haven’t done any large file disk spanning cd jobs. I use dvd writers now. If I needed to do it with Nero on a cd, I would create each disk by using enough files to fill it so there isn’t any spanning & each disk is independent.