Software for using my PC from a remote computer

The PCs at my job are pretty much locked-down, but my supervisor gave me permission to use software to control my home PC via a web interface while at work. There were two good programs he recommended, but unfortunately I forgot the names of both (I think one started with an “h,” and had a Japanese-sounding name).

I need to set a long video encoding job going tonight on my home PC while I’m on my 3rd shift, but I won’t be able to get it started until I’m already at work.

Any ideas?

I use LogMeIn - the free version. Does everything I need it to do.

LogMeIn was going to be my pick as well. It is free, fast, and works great for accessing your PC anywhere there s a web browser. Full screen mode can make you forget you are working remotely.

Remote Desktop is built into Windows XP. An alternative is VNC (Windows and Unix). X-Windows (Unix) works across LANs and WANs.

But unless you really know what you’re doing, I suggest you don’t. You absolutely must protect your home PC from people trying to hijack it. A personal firewall is an absolute must. Set it to only accept connections on that port from the IP addresses of your company. And don’t be surprised if your attempts get blocked by the corporate firewall.

If you’re using Windows, an alternative might be to create a batch file and schedule it with the AT command.

They won’t. My supervisor has been doing this for years to use his home PC from work (we do literally forty minutes of work [on a BUSY night!] from 11PM to 7:30AM, so there’s a lot of downtime). Gotta love subcontracted state jobs!

I have a firewall built into my DSL modem and know how to use it (I have an AS in Networking, and had a CCNA until it expired), but I’ve been slacking off a bit over the past couple years, so I don’t really know the preferred programs for this type of thing, which is why I asked.

Thanks for the suggestions. LogMeIn seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Another one that I’ve heard of (but do not use) is GoToMyPC.

Your boss may have suggested Hamachi. Couple this with RealVNC, or UltraVNC.