Software to compile 'thumbnail' photo images?

I’m building a website, and one section has a lot of photo images, one image per page. I’d like a start page for this section that has ‘thumbnails’ of all these images, and a link from each thumbnail to the respective page.

I understand there is software that will help me generate these thumbnails and compile this start page.

Do you know of any good freeware or shareware I could use for this purpose?

Notes: Powerful PC running Win 98. Images are PhotoShop JPEGS or GIFs. No, it’s not porn or anything dubious!

ACDSee will do this for you.

It will take a group of images and actually make the HTML pages with the thumbnail previews.

Retriever will also auto-create an html page with thumbnails linked to the original images.


ThumbsPlus is another program. I highly recommend it.

Let’s try again: ThumbsPlus.

I’ve used ThumbsPlus with good results. I got the free download from

Another thumbs up for ThumbsPlus. Very cool software. In addition to the features you’re looking for, it has lots of other features. One of my favorites: it allows you to attach key words to each picture, so you can search for all your pictures containing Aunt May or all the Thanksgiving pictures, etc. If you’ve got a digital camera, this is a great cataloger.

Irfanview will create thumbs and its free. The only problem is that the quality of the thumbnails is crappy and I don’t know if there is a way to reduce the compression used to make them. But it’s free.

ThumbsPlus is available as shareware, and you can download it from their site. About the only thing the registered version does that the shareware version doesn’t is allow you to view images inside zip files. There are a few other differences, but that’s the only major one that I’ve used. I used the shareware version for a while before getting the registered version.

I’ve used software called Infothek 2000 for batch creation of thumbnails. Besides format conversion, it also allows scale changes, to a specific width, height, or a percentage of the original.

I usually make the thumbnails 15% of the size of the original. See “Site 2” of my daughter’s pics for a comparison of thumbs to the originals.

Just wanted to give another thumbs up to ACDSee. A great program, its free, and easy to use.

i realize this thread is primarily for Windows users…but for any Mac readers, i highly recommend PhotoPage. It’s free and at