Soiled diaper sensors

Is there a soiled diaper sensor currently available on the consumer market? I have seen announcements like Monit, or urine detecting products like DiaperSense, but these never made it to market or only detect urine.

In my situation, I want a device that will detect whether an elderly bedridden adult has soiled their diaper. They have a Foley catheter inserted, so urine detection is not an issue.

I found one for you, but it doesn’t really define “soiled.” However, this article contains their contact info, so you can ask them.

That’s the second link I mentioned; it only detects urine.

… Here’s one that detects feaces and urine externally, so the sensor itself doesn’t get soiled.

But you know, a cheap chinese made urine detector is $10 … I tested it out with saliva on my finger, it detects saliva, which is slightly salty.
You test it out with poop… poop is obviously wet and salty… its going to detect as if urine. And an adult pee is going to flood a diaper, so the sensor can be at the poop detecting spot… urine will get there in no time if they urinate 5% of a regular pee.

Isilder, read the OP again - with a Foley catheter urine is not an issue, it will just drain into a closed bag by the bedside.

The OP is looking for a poo detector.