Solar Opposites

So this new series dropped today. I have watched the first two episodes…and it is Rick and Morty. If you like Rick and Morty, you will like Solar Opposites, because Solar Opposites is Rick and Morty.

I thought the episodes were pretty clever, but I didn’t actually laugh that much. In particular, I found the character of Korvo mostly annoying and not very funny. The shrunken human subplot was surprisingly gripping, though.

As far as comedy goes, I think I prefer the show “Jeff & Some Aliens” which has a roughly similar formula (aliens are on a mission to Earth; they use crazy alien gadgets to solve relatively mundane problems and things go horribly wrong).


As much as I love R&M, I did NOT have high hopes for this show as the trailers did not grab me.

So glad I gave this show a shot anyway. I fucking loved it.

The daughter (I forget her name) is my fave. On the surface, she seems like such a sweetheart. But she really is an evil shit.

I’m also enjoying the “Human Farm” subplot.

Tim looks like a grown up Steve Smith from American dad. That was a little distracting.

I love R&M so I was looking forward to this. It’s not bad, and it shows Justin Roiland clearly is responsible for the entire animated look and the sci-fi plot machinations of R&M. It’s like he’s saying “look at this! Who needs Dan Harmon?!” But is there some element of comedy or satire, or an edge missing that Dan Harmon brought to the table? My 17 yo son, who also loves R&M, watched this and pronounced it “meh”.

Not that Justin Roiland can’t be funny on his own-- back in the day he created around 4 animated web shorts called “House of Cosbys” (in pre-scandal days the Cosby estate issued a cease and desist letter before he could make any more). It’s about a Cosby fan who is so obsessed he obtains one of Cosby’s hairs, invents a cloning machine, and starts obsessively cloning Cosbys, which come out in different versions. It’s very funny. It’s on YouTube and can be easily found by searching the title, but I won’t link to it in case linking to content that was legally shut down violates anything.

The girl alien Jessie was definitely the funniest and most interesting alien character. The other aliens were “yelling guy”, “yelling guy jr.” and “dumb guy”.

And I also thought “House of Cosbys” was funny and crazy.

New season is out.

Synopsis, from Collider:

I hope this doesn’t end up being a Rick and Morty clone.

Well, once again fucked because Hulu isn’t available in Canada.

Greaaaaaat; something to take him away from creating more Rick and Morty episodes. Awesome.

And hey, the characters seem to be pretty much the same characters as Rick, Morty, Summer and Jerry.


You can’t terraform the Earth, it’s already terraformed.

I wish there was a second season of “Jeff & Some Aliens”. I liked that show.

Bumping this thread now that Season 2 is out. I’m quite enjoying it, although I find that winking self-aware comments (“Gee, it’s not like we’re in a TV series, hyuck hyuck”) are more lazy than funny.

Our daughter’s a big fan (especially of the In the Wall segments), but I think I’m just not attuned to Roiland’s style and humor

Season 2 not nearly as good as season 1 in my opinion.

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Okay, I was a little confused how there could be 11 months + 1 year between May 2020 and May 2021.


I spent most of yesterday on the couch after getting my second vaccine shot on Wednesday and figured I’d give it a shot. Did not feel like watching more than one episode. I’m just going to wait for another season of R&M.

@Ike_Witt, hi from 2021! It’s now available in the UK and Canada through Disney+ ST★R.