solar storm

According to the link we could be in for a nasty solar storm. My question is what’s the worst one we’ve had and what damage did it do?

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What’s your definition of “worst”? The last one had some very strong flares, but I don’t think it caused as much property damage (dead/damaged satellites) as some earlier storms.

There were several near misses during the Apollo program that could have caused sickness or death to unprotected astronauts.

See for plenty of background information on the subject.

The magnetic storm in March 1989 likely produced the most damage.:

The largest solar flare ever observed, an X28 on Nov 4, 2003, affected satellites as well, but it was a smaller, X10 event a few days earlier caused a blackout in Sweden, and damaged instruments on the Mars Odyssey orbiter.

If you’d like to see the source of our current problems, take a look at the sun today, using suitable precautions. Sunspot 652 is big enough to be plainly visible to the naked eyed. Or, you could just look at the picture of the current sun at