Soldering silver

My wife asked me how to solder silver rings together and I did the ultimately many thing and told her I don’t know. Really it takes a lot for me to admit that with anything having to do with tools but that’s the kind of guy I am.

What she is trying to do is solder closed sterling silver rings made of approximately 1mm wire. They will hold charms and she said that a lap joint won’t be acceptable. My thoughts are a low melting point solder or a high melting point silver bearing solder which will require enough heat to melt the base metal some. In either case there will be some file cleanup. Is this a reasonable approach or should I try something else?

Using the silver bearing solder would work just fine…see you knew it all along… RIGHT???
My wife and I do a lot of work with silver…there will be some cleanup filing but it will make a solid hold.

I was looking for the name of a “solder in a bottle” product (which I’ve failed to find, so I may have made it up), and came across this page from the Rings & Things website. It sounds like you’re on the right track, though you may want to search for “soldering silver jump rings,” without the quotes, of course.

Not a jewler here, but a scarfed joint will have the strength advantages of a lap joint without being any fatter than a butt joint.