Solid Matter Is An Illusion

Another chunk bubbled up from my subconscious as I drifted off last night to the realm of somnambulistic bliss: Matter is an illusion.

Unfortunately, as I was on the verge of unconsciousness at the time, I wasn’t really at my critical best so the supporting argument is a bit vague. But in essence, it’s all energy; little balls of energy bumping and melding like the blobs in a lava lamp. Only separate because of an innate and fluctuating surface tension generated by the energy gradient between one chunk and another.

The secret to alchemy lies in nothing more or less than the manipulation of that surface tension. God help us if we discover a potent energy-surfactant!

Anyone got any nachos? I could realy use some nachos.

Yeah, matter is a dance that energy does. It’s process and interaction, all the way down; all those verbs occur in a pattern which establishes a structure, and you end up with nouns, but a funny thing happened in the chase for the Ultimate Building Block: it started to look more and more like verbs are the primordials, not nouns.


Most of everything is nothing.

Sure, but nothing is everything, and I guess that’s sort of my point.

AHunter3, would you be willing to agree that that actual syllabary is “thought?”

Don’t trust thoughts you have in semi-consious states. The other day my alarm clock went off so I rolled over, hit the snooze, and thought to myself, “Since I am a super hero I don’t think I’ll go into work today.”

Then about 15 seconds later I thought, “Wait, what? I’m not a super hero. And I do have to go to work. Damn.”

Semi-consious thoughts are rarely logical or helpful in any way. :smiley:

You know, if you lived inside a speaker, you really couldn’t complain about the noise then could you?

No, but your neighbors would be ripshit.

I take it the cooking process didn’t foul things up too much, then?

Aww, I’m sorry it turns out you’re not a super hero. That’s starting the day on a down note.

I hate it when I dream I’m at work, then I wake up and have to get up and go to work. Kinda tedious.

You took them all at once, didn’t you?

A few mornings ago as I was starting to wake up and drifting in and out of sleep and a thought about sea fishing with my dad many years ago popped in my brain and then I drifted off again and then the thought of chocolate popped in my brain and then I drifted off again and then I woke with a start thinking about cooking up some chocolate covered sea bass.

And then I was annoyed at my brain. “Chocolate covered sea bass? WTF have you been smoking brain?”

And then I was annoyed that my brain was annoyed with itself and then my head exploded.

I move that Inigo Montoya is permanently exempt from the don’t-post-while-intoxicated rule.

So what you’re really saying is, a good massage can turn a terrible day into something wonderful?

Seems to me that what it boils down to is that it’s all in our heads anyway, in the way that we perceive things in general. I may not be able to turn my pen to gold, but if I really loved it, and it was worth as much as gold to me, than is it not gold?

That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is not that it? It is.

Uh … no.
parlez vous la francaise?


This morning, brain decided that upon waking, I would like to hear a joke. It also decided that the joke will be improv. This was the first thought I heard upon waking:

Q: What do you call a molecule which is bonded to two atoms?
A: A whore.

:confused: Yep. That’s the joke.

Attributed to many sources…

What is matter? - never mind. What is mind? - never matter.


This just belies our prejudices about what constitutes “something”. The spaces within and between atoms are chock full of fields. The space between the nucleus and the electrons is most relevantly electromagnetic fields, but when you get right down to it, the nucleons and the electrons are themselves just manifestations of fields, too.

And to the OP’s influenced realization, solid matter is perfectly real, and absolutely solid. It’s just that “solid” doesn’t mean quite what you think it means.

I don’t know why, but I’m actually laughing. (And not at the absurdity of the joke, but straightly at the joke itself, it seems.)