Soluble or Liquid Sweetener with Electrolytes in it?

I was thinking the other day that a good idea might be to make a sweetener which includes electrolytes in it.

Would it be possible to powder up some electrolytes and mix them with sugar? Or else make a liquid solution of some sweet tasting substance plus electrolytes? Or would that taste terrible?

Another problem might be that even if something palatable along these lines could be developed, perhaps it would not have a sufficiently “neutral” taste so it couldn’t really work as a generic sweetener.

But what do you think? Could such a thing be made? (Does such a thing already exist?)

I want to put some in my iced tea.


Pediolyte is just that, and actually taste pretty good (well the grape one anyway).

Some may claim that gateraide is also that, but it’s more like sugar water with a homopathic amount of electrolytes mixed in, this way the sugar water ‘remembers’ what it’s like to actually have electrolytes in it.

Does anyone know if we (the general public) can buy electrolyte salts for the OP’s purpose? I think I have seen electrolyte salts for horses.

Oral Rehydration packets are available, and you can “roll yer own” with commonly available household ingredients via a WHO recipe…