Solution for shiny skin?

I have a problem with my shiny forehead. I tried several non-oily mattifying products (gels, lotions), that all promised to regulate the oil production and to moisturize my skin. Well, I do have very soft skin now, and better moisturized than ever, but it’s still shiny. So maybe I just need some sort of gel that doesn’t moisturize or cleanse, but just mattifies anything that’s shiny. Does anyone have any experience with this, or maybe know a product I can use?

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if you take a flax seed oil supplement, your skin (and hair) will be soft without lotions, gels, etc. Flax seed oil is an excellent supplement to provide “essentail fatty acids.”

Try talc, or some sort of matt foundation.

I don’t know if your female or not but regardless, if you get some blush that is VERY close to your skin color and, using a BIG blush brush, lightly powder the brush and apply it sparingly to your forhead it should do the trick.

If you are female, try using a pressed powder compact - the finer and more translucent the powder the better. You could also use this as a male, but depending on your situation you might prefer to be more discreet about usage. Here in TV we powder and puff male guests all the time - they tend to be much shinier than women, especially those with receding hair etc.

The other thing you might try is Pond’s Vanishing cream. Very cheap, has no smell, and creates quite a good matt effect.

I always add some cornstarch to loose makeup powder - that way it is more transparent than regular powder & it gets rid of the shine.
If you are male - you could try cornstarch without the loose makeup powder.

I am male. Cornstarch? I’m going to try that! And tomorrow I’m going to get some Pond’s Vanishing cream as well. Thanks for the tips so far.