Solutions to greed?

Any ideas for solving the greediness of our culture?

Got any more to go on than that? I’m greedy for more information.

Hmmmmmm, tell me more. Your sophmoric, poorly constructed thoughts intrigue me.

If you have a problem, take it to the BBQ Pit.

My solution? Donate time, not money. A visual example to others is always impressive. Go help out at a food bank. Serve food at a homeless shelter. Be a Big Brother or Sister.

I guess the post was “sophmoric”. Your killer wit sure struck down the post quick. It was meant to be open ended, interpreted by the reader. It seems like the most important thing in American is monetary gain, and social status and acceptance often times comes with money. If we were to begin trying to lessen the importance of money in our lives, what would we try to do?

Lead horse to dark alley, put horse down with shotgun.