Some congressmen asked UN to supervize our election

A group of opposition Democrats in the House of Representatives has asked United Nations Secretary- General Kofi Annan to send UN observers to November’s presidential election. The congressmen are worried that we might have a repeat of the Florida fiasco in the previous Presidential election.

How embarrassing can it get? We have to ask the UN to oversee our own elections! It´s almost like living in a banana republic.

But the Un said no…

…because, “The policy and practice is that the United Nations responds to requests made by national governments and not the legislative branch.”

So, I guess such a request would have to come from the president himself.

Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville area, recently had her remarks stricken because she was screaming about a coup de tat (sp?) and the “stealing of the 2000 election.”

This is the same woman who told a Hispanic member of Bush’s cabinet…“You white boys all look alike to me.”


So, ivylass, are you saying we have nothing to worry about in Florida, comes voting time? That Jeb Bush and company will see to iit that no shennanigans will occur and every vote will be accurately tallied?

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Were not the ballots in the primary counties in question during the last election designed by the democrats?
Were not the polling places in these couties ran by democrats?

What are the odds that Florida will determine the election again? How much would that suck?

The fact that it happened in 2000, I think, was just God having fun with us. Jeb or not, I’m sure it was a coincidence.

Nope, nope, and nope. (Three errors: there were a lot of counties in question where really weird things happened. Most had nothing to do with butterfly ballots or chad. The latter made the news, but they were just a sideshow to the what really happened.)

Not according to this:
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Are you suggesting that there won’t be any ‘shennanigans’ in the other 49 states? Pfft. You can only hope that the corrupt members of your party are craftier and more effective than the corrupt members of the opposing party. Good luck.

More info on Corrine Brown. (Scroll down to “Part I”.)

I’ve monitored an election in which there was widespread rigging (by an international terrorist group, no less), I’ve talked with observers and monitors from the Commonwealth, EU, and UN, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that what happened in Florida, if it had happened anywhere else in the world, would have indeed been termed a coup d’etat. I say this as a U.S. government employee (a proud one) and as a student of international politics.

Know what? If there’s been a completely honest election with no shenanigans or payola anywhere in the world in the last fifty years, I haven’t heard of it.

Nah. Ohio. Mark my words.

Corrine Brown is an idiot. Congress has a few of them. All you have to do is listen to them for five minutes and you can smell the idiocy wafting from them. The real tragedy is that there are thousands of fellow idiots back home that keep sending them to Washington.

[Canuck hijack] You can be assured that the next time Quebec holds one of its silly referendums about separating from Canada, that the federal government will want observers in place, given the rampant ballot-counting fraud perpetuated by the “Yes” side in 1995. [/CH]

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Well, it’s an asshole comment, but not necessarily factually wrong. Hispanics can be white.

Yes, it is very embarrassing that we have legislators who are so partisan that they would stoop to this type of publicity stunt.

Actually, it would probably have to come from Congress. Or from a specific state, since the states control the elections, not the federal government. Implicit in your statement, of course, is the idea that the request has any legitimacy in the first place…

Time to call in Jimmy Carter!

He’s tanned, rested, and ready.

(And it’s just a short drive down I-75!)

Yes, heaven forbid we have government officials who want a clean and honest election, unlike the skullduggery we got in 2000 and 2002. :rolleyes:


Please. It was a publicity stunt. Unless its your contention that Corrine Brown is a total idiot and didn’t bother to find out that the UN would reject such a request. Get real rjung.