Some great freeware sources and compilations

I made the title general hoping that people will add to it, but all I really want to do is share what I’ve found to be a couple really fantastic freeware compilations.

For as well known as PC Magazine is, I’m listing theirs as a distant second. I would start with Gizmo’s. Personally I’d never heard of them before this, but they kick butt when it comes to freeware. I’m still downloading and evaluating stuff that they’ve recommended. And as much as this sounds like spam, it’s free. But I guess that’s how they always get you to start isn’t it? As Chris Rock says in one of his routines, they make their money on ‘the come back.’ :smack: :smiley:

  1. Gizmo’s Freeware - The Editors’ Choice List: Our Selection of Best Free Windows Desktop Software

  2. PC Mag - [The Best Free Software of 2012]( Best Free Software of 2012)

BTW, Gizmo’s seems to cover freeware for all platforms, so if you’re not a Windows user, it will probably still be worth checking them out.