Some help with an Excel spreadsheet suddenly acting up.

Hey guys,

I have an excel worksheet that is giving me problems this morning. For some unknown reason, it has suddenly stopped printing the borders and lines. The lines are all visible when in preview mode, but they don’t actually print.

Anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong? I haven’t changed the sheet since I last used it and it was fine then. I’m stumped.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen this happen a few times, and usually quitting Excel and relaunching it solves the problem.

I used to have a disk free-space erasing program, and whenever I ran it I’d see similar problems. These vanished whenever I restarted the computer.

So those are two fairly easy things that you might want to try before checking all the Excel options.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that didn’t correct my problem. Is it possible it’s a browser issue. Does that make any sense? I’m seeing something about that when I google the problem.

Are these borders you added to cells in a worksheet, or do you want it to print the regular gridlines? For gridlines in Excel 2010, go to the Page Layout ribbon, under Sheet options and see if the Print box under Gridlines is checked.

The browser issues explanation isn’t making much sense. What did you find that suggested it could be related?

It was added borders and I finally fixed it. For some reason, every time my computer guy logs on and does his monthly maintenance, he changes my theme. This time, the theme he selected was causing this. As soon as I changed my theme, all was well. Weird.

Thanks guys.

Excellent resolution/poster name combo.