Some help with bicycle part identification

I bought a used mountain bike about a year ago. It is nearly a 10 year old bike. The previous owner had made changes, which I expected, but he had put on riser bars that I just didn’t care for. When I took the riser bars off they had a logo like a shopping cart with bike handlebar handles on the front and some kind of logo stamped under the grip but it is hard to make out and kind of looks like a stylized NL.

It seems a lot of the parts were from 2007 that he used when changing stuff, but I can’t tell if it is a 7 or a 1 stamped on the bars (leaning toward 2007) and also is the following:

TH (maybe)

Here is an image of the little logo on the front. I don’t have one yet of the stamped area – link.

Thanks in advance!


What is it exactly that you are trying to identify?

I’m trying to figure out the brand of handlebars or where they came from. I know they aren’t original, but I can’t figure out what company even made them.

Google is your friend… I won’t do that “let me google that for you” link but searching for your part number had this appear as the fourth result:

And then I did a text search on that specific page, which led me to this:

This is the silver version of it, but, it’ll be the same either way.

Are you sure about that? That was my initial guess too, but Dimension’s logo isn’t a golden shopping cart with a bike handlebars.

And it seems like the MTB-AL-153 designation is used by other manufacturers too, like Zoom. I can’t figure out if some Chinese company makes them all and they get rebranded, or if it’s just some sort of semi-common handlebar identifier (mountain bike, aluminum, 153 something)

I’m figuring they are some kind of generic or knock off that just happened to have that little shopping cart logo. The stamped logo looks a lot like a stylized NL - my wife did some searching and said she found a brand of bike parts that was NL, but I have only seen a few parts with that name brand (and searching for NL is kind of like searching for any other 2 letter term, it stinks).