Some questions about weedeaters...

Are all weedeaters designed to be used for line that comes on spools? I used to have a TORO commercial weedeater that used just a single piece of line at a time and am having a hard time finding a new one like that. Do any single-line weedeaters still exist or are they history?

Not sure about a single piece of line, twit, but this site offers a replacement cutting head for string trimmers.

Mine has one line & I buy new line & put it on it myself. I don’t buy a spool. Those two line ones are too complicated. to spool

handy, what brand of weed eater do you have, btw? (Thanks, donkeyoatey.)

Still didn’t find one that comes with a single line twit, but]this is closer:


Thank you very much, donkeyoatey. That part with the dual line was basically what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Reminder WeedEater is a brand name of string cutters. It is not a generic term.

So is aspirin. Take one.

My straight shaft Echo has a single 25-ft line. Echos are about the best ones out there. I have had mine for about 9 years with no problems. The current models are still quite similar. Somewhat more expensive than the popular brands, but reliable and functional.


My John Deere 2-line string trimmer is no more difficult to load with line than a 1-line trimmer would be.

An advantage of 2-line trimmers: The head is more balanced so there is less vibration as it spins. Don’t know about you, but vibration make my fingers hurt after a while.

Trimmer line which is triangular in cross-section works better than any other type.

twit, I odn’t remember because I only use it once or twice a year…Its a very small one. I dont like to
use them professionally because they cut wood fences & let them rot. IF you need parts,
probably has some cheap.

Loading a 2 string trimmer isn’t really brain surgery, folks.
load up one side, unwind it, make a mark on your garage wall to note its length, duplicate it, load them both up carefully.
Next time they’ll run out together.