Some set us up the sequential thread

In the Pit:

Blow your Fucking Nose
::snaps fingers:: OVER HERE!!!

K. In the Pit, a while ago… SEQUENTIAL threads…

Why isn’t “fundie” hate speech?
Why isn’t “trekkie” hate speech?
What a fine use of bandwith! :rolleyes:


Coldstone Creamery
Weird Band Names

Why do things keep taking a dump on me?
What to do with bad neighbors?


Schools and head lice
Weird Band Names

(I think the latter is going to cause several ST posts.)

A blender, vanilla ice cream and…

Compulsive Eating Support

A MPSIMS Triple Header!

A blender, vanilla ice cream and…

Compulsive Eating Support

Well, there went my appetite for breakfast

Damn you, swampbear, for beating me to that punch. A pox on your house, I say!

Various fora:

men, take some responsibility for your own damned healthcare
Blow your Fucking Nose

A blender, vanilla ice cream and…
Weird Band Names

Compulsive Eating Support
Well, there went my appetite for breakfast

Why I Never Became A Doctor Quiz
Rashes & Boils & Pus - Oh My! Creeping Crud Hits The NYC Streets.

A Padded “Retreat” For Drunks? The Mind Reels
Does this guy sound potentially harmful to you?

In an effort to try and make some money…
Jimmy is now potty-trained

Slightly off topic I noticed this on the main forum screen…

Cafe Society: The scariest moments in…
In My Humble Opinion: What is the scariest moment…

Now in MPSIMS:

What The Hell Is That?

The SDMB Gadget Challenge
Coldfire, NEENER! NEENER! NEENER! :stuck_out_tongue:

This little gem in MPSIMS:

Why do people eat Buggars when they think no one is Watching?

Compulsive Eating Support



Can I wear a Sari?
Biggest fashion mistake


Al Queda has a membership application form? Call me a skeptic but…
Wish me luck on my job interviews tomorrow

Cops star in porn movie
What the Hell is That?

Weird Earl - “Virtual Suck Tour”
A South-East Doper Picnic!

Saddam Hussein and Jack Chick

Night terrors?

In General Questions:
Is there an account of what humans taste like?
What is Toe Jam?


****update on school choice **

Wowee, woman drops her kid off STARK NAKED**

What is the scariest moment of your life?

Women of the Jerry Springer Show

In MPSIMS, these two set off all my cognitive dissonance alarms.

Vows not to masturbate.
I need to know the proper way to sell my soul to the devil.


Where did this rumor start that all Black men have Big Dicks?

Central PA Dopefest?


Where do banned members go?
Women of the Jerry Springer Show

What’s happening with John Ashcroft?
Glacially long bowel movements