Some site is using my pictures to sell CDs.

…and I’m not quite sure I like it.

While I was vanity Google searching (shut up), I came across this site, selling No Doubt CDs. Scrolling down, I found a bunch of pictures that I had taken a few years ago, and recently posted to Flickr.

Now, I post all my photos under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Deed (whose authority, I’ve heard, is flimsy at best). I don’t much mind people using my pictures for private- or at least non-commercial uses (such as here, which I also first saw while Googling myself), but it kinda bugs me that my pictures are on a clearly commercial site, without notification. I’m guessing my pictures were chosen by a bot, considering that picture doesn’t even have the band in it.

To be honest, I probably won’t do anything about it (unless someone tells me of a way to bilk them out of thousands of dollars while expending little-to-no effort), but I find it interesting that Flickr had become such a huge resource for images. I shouldn’t be surprised, considering I’ve used the Tags and Clusters at times when I previously would’ve used Google Image Search.