Some Star Trek III questions

I rewatched Star Trek III The Search for Spock over the weekend and a few things bugged me.

How did Kirk and or Sarek know that the torpedo tube soft landed on Genesis?

With Genesis becoming hush hush I would think that particular fact would not be available to the public. Sarek does mention that he has seen the report on the Genesis planet and he knows all about it. When they figure out that McCoy is carrying Spocks essence, Sarek says to take them to Vulcan. Which, hearing it this weekend, it seems like it means to take McCoy and the Spock inside McCoy to Vulcan.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason for them to go back to Genesis after they steal the Enterprise. They don’t know and can’t know that Spock’s body is there.

Also, why does the bridge of the Klingon ship change so much? When Kirk finally beams up, the bridge is completly different than the bridge we have seen earlier in the film and it isn’t the bridge we see in Star Trek IV. What’s up with that?

I don’t think they did, its been a while since I watched the film but didn’t Kirk merely mention that Spock would have found a way to survive if it was that important? Maybe they thought he’d be one of those gnarly non-corporeal types.

I get that though, Spock doesn’t mention to Kirk (when he speaks through McCoy) AFAIK that his physical body is on Genesis.

I noticed the difference between the bridge in III and IV, the bridge is wider, the captain’s chair lower and the consoles don’t surround the captain in circles. But when Kirk beams up from Genesis, I assume they just turn on the lights :wink:

Tell me you are not seriously questioning the plot line of a Star Trek episode/movie to try and make rational sense out of it?? :smiley:
They almost never did. You just ignore it and have a good time. :wink:

You are not of the body.

I thought the “Spock is on Genesis” meme came from McCoy, who was going batshit having two personalities inside him. ?

McCoy asks “Why did you leave me on Genesis?” when he breaks into Spocks room, but we don’t know that the torpedo tube soft landed or that when the rock was rolled back the tomb was empty, I mean the tube was empty when they opened it.

I don’t think that Kirk et al were searching for the tube, just a something. The only people who came across it were Saavik, David and the Klingon away team.

But ‘they’ thought it burned up upon re-entry. There wouldn’t be anything left. By the time Kirk gets there, Savik tells him that a certain Vulcan scientist of his aquantience is there with her, so Kirk doesn’t need to look for the tube.

After the conversation with Sarek, my impression is that when a Vulcan is near death, they do the meld with someone and then that someone goes to Mt. Saleia (sp) and has it taken out of them.

I guess that bringing the dead body is part of it, but Kirk should have been under the impression that doing that was impossible.

What do Vulcans normally do with a transferred dead guy “soul” (or whatever) when there isn’t a handy Genesis resurrection planet nearby to reanimate their old body? Put it into a newborn? A prisoner? A tribble?

Memory Alpha suggests that a katra (a sort of Vulcan “soul”) is passed on to other Vulcans so they may benefit from the experience the deceased gained in life. There doesn’t seem to be a way of putting the katra into a cloned body so the full Vulcan can live again, which would be the obvious solution, inspired by Peter Hamilton’s “Night’s Dawn” trilogy.

Edit: Forgot links.

i think the answer is tribble. they seem to really, really, like vulcans.

if i remember properly, from the books, kirk or savik changes the trajectory of the spockpedo and has it land on the planet and not become a fireworks display.

According to Vonda McIntyre’s novelizations of the movies, the dead guy’s “katra” is taken to the Hall of Ancient Thought and placed in a crystalline container, where future generations of scholars will be able to benefit from its wisdom.

As I understand it, Kirk and Sarek intended to take McCoy to Vulcan and transfer Spock’s katra to the Hall of Ancient Thought. When Saavik and the prettyboy reported finding Spock’s coffin, they decided to retrieve Spock’s body. (Possessed McCoy) + (Spock’s body) = (more pieces of Spock’s katra, and a better download into the crystal ball.)

  1. Collect dead guy soul
  2. ?
  3. Profit!

… and Mount Seleyah is a larger containment system / memory bank for katras, a refinement of those spheres that Sargon and friends were stored in. The establishment of the Mount Seleyah depositorium is the “enigma” from Vulcan pre-history that would be explained by Vulcan being a colony world of Sargon’s people.

To think, Vulcans have a plan that isn’t nearly as well thought out as the Ferengi business model.

Or even the Underpants Gnomes from South Park! :wink:

Salvaging the katra means that there is no escape from the vulcan mother-in-law.