Some (very few) of the SDMB threads are indexed on Google - eh?

How did this come to pass? Why aren’t there more? (or none)

Google does irregular spider passes over sites it’s indexing, every few weeks/months - I presume it grabbed those threads on the way past, but doesn’t index all the time.

From the Googling I’ve done, my WAG is that if a thread is directly linked to from another site, and Google hits that site, it will index the linked thread, but not go further. So famous threads such as “If LotR had been written …” show up on Google, but not the majority of our mundane threads.

Best to go to minty’s favorite site:

Y’know, some of the results you got there are from the temp board. It would almost make sense if it was just the bbboy threads, but it’s not …

When I checked your search, I didn’t see any threads at all. Just the front page, a forum listing or three, and what looks like your homepage.

Have a look at Google’s cached version - dated 21 March in the first instance. This supports my theory, I believe: the cache is what Google recorded during its last pass of the SDMB front page. Mangetout happened to be listed on the page at the time, hence he’s indexed there.

Interesting. When I put in Mangetout and message board I get a few more hits.

Seem to be related with french eatery though. I wonder why Creationtalk/Darwin talk didn’t come up. Whenever I do a vanity websearch those two boards always come up.

jjimm, I still don’t see any threads, just cached versions of forum listings.

Oh, and as an interesting side note (Well, I think it’s interesting.) my webpage shows up when you search for “Achernar”, even though that word doesn’t appear on it. I think it must be because of the www link I have on this message board, because very few other people link to my page, and none of them use the word “Achernar” in their links.

The actual text for the link used on the SDMB is “Visit Achernar’s homepage!” Oddly enough, when I do Google search for that, my page does not show up.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. At the time it made a pass over the front page listings (March 21), it picked up Mangetout’s name, because his name happened to be shown on that page. Occasionally it follows links to the forum index, but it doesn’t seem to pick up on actual threads.