Some women are not always cold

Re: Why are women always cold?

I got to wondering about this the other day. Here, in my office, the women are always cold. I have seen the phenomenon, then, but while enjoying the holidays at home, I may have hit upon a possible clue as to the cause. The Master spoke thusly:

However, my mother is not “always cold.” In fact, she complained about being warm - too warm. She attributed this to having achieved menopause; I also know that she’s had a hysterectomy.

Perhaps there is a connection! Are there perhaps “hot flashes” brought on by menopause which cancel out the coldness? Could the hysterectomy also be playing a role here?

Um, what? Yes, menopause causes hot flashes. Is the hysterectomy in question just removal of the uterus, or also include the ovaries?