Somebody explain Wii Sports "Skill Levels" to me

Especially in tennis, because it doesn’t make any sense to me and I find it incredibly frustrating.

First of all, it seems that Wii Sports only calculates your Skill Level in a sport when you play it by yourself. If you play against another player, it doesn’t affect either player’s Skill Level. It doesn’t make sense, but I can live with it.

The problem with tennis is that there is no singles game, it’s always doubles. So if I play tennis solo, I have two options:

  1. Play with my Mii as one player on a team, and have the game select a teammate and the opposing players.
  2. Play with my Mii as both players on my team, and have the game select the opposing players.
    (Playing with my Mii as a player on each team is not only freakin’ impossible, but it doesn’t appear to affect my skill level either.)

If I choose option 1, I always get “Matt” (with a skill level of 49!) as my opponent. The players on the opposing team generally have a skill level a couple hundred points higher than mine. (Right now I have a skill level in the 1500-1600 range, and the opposing team has skill levels of 1900-2000.) When I play with Matt, which is essentially no different than playing by myself, because he mostly just stands there and watches the ball zip past, my Skill Level always goes down, even if I manage to win the match.

If I choose option 2, where I am playing both players on my team (which is obviously much more difficult), my Skill Level always goes up, even if I get my butt kicked, which is what usually happens.

Is there any way I can play as just a single player in the Tennis game and not have my skill level drop like a rock every time?


I don’t get this either…

Waitaminute - you actually inserted the Wii Sports disc into the console?

Truthfully, I’ve not played enough tennis to be anything like an expert on how things work. And I’ve almost always played against either my niece or my brother. Playing against the computer is frustrating because I’m bad at it. My niece is worse, and my brother has attained pro level, but understands that if he doesn’t make it enjoyable for me to play against him, I won’t play against him.

But, I question the notion that it is harder to play both players on one side of the net than playing just one–I like swinging at everything that comes at me, rather than second guessing when I don’t have to.

Have you tried the training levels to develop better skills without having it affect your skill level?