Somebody is SO fired!

I’m watching the midday news on KABC, Channel 7. About 11:45 or so, a “Living Spaces” commercial comes on.

Immediately following it, the same commercial shows again. We’ve all ssen that. It gives us a giggle. “Oops! Somebody screwed up!”

I’ve been counting. The 60th time the same commercial has played. Back to back.

What have you seen lately that is so flagrantly WRONG that you know somebody is gonna get fired?

62 and counting…

What are the station call letters?


Reminds me of watching the moon landings with the same 3 Tang commercials. Hour after hour.

I remember watching the moon landing, but don’t remember the Tang commercials.

It just goes to show you that a company can have the best advertising gimmick in the solar system and still not be a long-term success (due to being a crappy product).

That’s no accident. It’s a thing now. They’ve been doing this on streaming for a while now.

How do you figure? The purpose of the ad is to get people to remember the product, and here we are discussing it on a nationally-popular message board. Looks like the ads are working better than they could have planned. This will show up in Google searches, after all…

I figured they must do it on streaming because they don’t have as many ads available to show, for some reason. It is so annoying to hear the same ad over and over; I dive straight for the mute button.

I’ve quit watching plenty of shows due to incessant ads. That’s what the remote control is for. Push that big power button and the TV goes black.
But still the PTB should be better able to space these ads out so you don’t see the same one repeatedly. Or at least make varying ones. If I never see Flo the insurance chick again it will be too soon. Or the Geico gecko, for that matter.

fat chance on that at one time until drug ads started insurance companies had 7 out of the top 10 spots in tv advertising

since its memorial day weekend, i think everything but the news is probably on a recorded feed so someone didn’t change the tape/disc or hard drive like they were supposed too

If I understand the OP correctly, it’s not the same commercial every commercial break – it’s the same commercial repeating in a loop. So, if a 30 second commercial, it means the same commercial has been playing for half an hour at the time of the OP. VOW, I assume they got it fixed eventually, what was the final count?

One of the local stations has an occasional problem on their news broadcasts where the Closed Captioning will be just an endless stream of “test test test test…” It amazes me that there is nobody in the control room that notices.

Exactly. Running the exact same commercial twice in succession. The vendor probably pays extra for that. The guy who just left the room can’t stay in the bathroom/kitchen forever.

It was at least 20 minutes of the same damned commercial! I think I got the count up to 61, and my husband was annoyed at my counting out loud, so he changed the channel.

This wasn’t streaming, or an independent or a cable channel. This was midday news on ABC! Granted, the last 20 to 30 minutes of the news hour is typically reports of local “human interest crap,” but still! I’m sure there were stories that the production staff had worked on, and then of course, OTHER advertisers who had paid for their spots during that timeframe.

More than just a big “oopsie,” I’m sure somebody got the axe.

That’s what side 1 of Dark Side of the Moon or Tubular Bells is for.

Not if it’s a mistake.

Same one over and over? That is some sort of broadcast operations error, especially if it’s in the middle of a live news show. Normally everything is run by computer, so there must be some sort of glitch. I doubt anyone got fired. I heard something similar on my local news radio station…half of a commercial, over and over and over. Computers glitch. It happens. The station probably lost all the other commercials that were supposed to air doing the broadcast and will have to make them up at a later time. That’s lost revenue.

*ivylass, 20 year veteran of live sports cable network.

The same commercial. Over and over. SIXTY-ONE times, maybe more.

Helluva glitch. Major network (ABC), enormous market (Los Angeles), from 11:45 AM to 12:07 PM, approximately. Maybe nobody got fired, but there was probably a massive ass-chewing.

As in, it was a single “commercial break” for 20 minutes straight, without going back to the program at all? That definitely has to be a mistake of some sort.

Some suit is probably sitting at home trying to figure out how to charge that company for 60+ ad spots.

And some suit is celebrating all the PR while trying to claim that all those extra ads made the company look bad.