Someone bring me up to speed on Elfquest please.

OK, so at one time in dinosaur times I bought Elfquest as it came out. Sadly, I got thrown in the hoosegow just prior to release of issue 20. Figures, doesn’t it?

No matter. I read it later.

So I had issues 1-19. And in college I traded them straight up for a first printing of the original D&D set of paperbacks from the 1970s. Regretted it almost immediately (though I had fun with the D&D stuff).

So tonight I start thinking…“I should get those Elfquests again. I’ve got the cash…check out Ebay!”

Natural enough, right?

Well apparently Wendy has been busy. I knew about Seige at Blue Mountain (and read a big part of it) but the rest is a blur.

What exactly of the Elfquest Universe has Wendy actually done? I know there’s a lot of ‘shared universe’ stuff out there but Wendy always did it for me. She loved those characters and it showed in her art and the writing.

So can someone help an old man here? How many storylines and series have there been?

I don’t know, but I’ll bump your thread and ask Ardred, who has tattoos of Timmain and Winnowill fighting and Two-Edge, um, kneeling, on his back, covering most of his shoulders. He’s “hardcore”. :smiley: The Two-Edge one is the backcover of one of the original 20 issues, kneeling in his cavern, holding his smithing implements. Timmain and Winnowill is the cover of Shards Issue 15.

(Ardred walked in while I was typing this)

There are some “Blood of Ten Chiefs” books done by Wendy. I find them in used bookstores. This is post-Siege. Then came “New Blood”. And “Kings of the Broken Wheel” And “Elfquest: Hidden Years” And “Shards” And “Kahvi” (art directed by Wendy) And the Reader’s Collections.

A feature length animated movie is rumored, but not witnessed by Ardred’s elf eyes.

I assume you’ve been to

PICTURES! This is what tattoo 2 (two edge) looks like, with out the name tag at the top.

DC Comics was supposed to be rereleasing some stuff and apparently some stuff came out earlier this month from DC Comics.

More specific than that, and I can’t help you.

I was a huge fan back in my college days and even got to know Wendy somewhat through a cousin of mine in the industry. At a comic convention in New York, I traded Wendy a leather jacket for an original page from the second color volume, and it was on my walls until just a few years ago when I realized it had been a long time since I’d followed the series, and I stupidly sold the art on eBay. I still regret that, but at the time I needed the cash. For awhile, I emailed back and forth with Richard (he had an AOL email address as recently as a year ago.)

I haven’t been to, but I’ll check it out - I’d love to get the order of everything sorted out before I start buying stuff again. Thanks, **FilmGeek{/b] and Ardred.

I’ve given up on the film, though. They’ve been talking about it since at least 1981, and last I heard about a year ago, they’d lost funding wen there was some kind os studio merger thingie. :frowning:

I was a reluctant but enthusiastic fan in the early eighties. I’d be interested in seeing a film, if it’s done well.

I do remember hearing about that movie 20+ years ago when the first set of five magazines was being published. I thought it would have been a great cartoon.

If you figure out the timeline, please let me know.

I have a set of the original comics - some are reprints, but many are first prints. Unlike the rest of you, I never sold them :smiley:

I have a few of the hardcovers as well… not sure how many. In my hands at the moment is a hardcover full color “The Secret of Two-Edge” and it’s numbered #6. I’d love to find more of these, but at some point it started to go into “#7a” and “9cccc” and I got confused.

I noticed some really small black and white reprints at my local used bookstore the other day. These seemed new, and tiny! and black and white! As much as I’d like to keep up with the story line, I’m just too spoiled by full size full color editions.