Someone is applying for assistance in my name and I think they're not smart?

I had a letter from state unemployment telling me my bank info was incorrect and asking that I reply to correct it.

I quick locked down my credit

Tonite I got a BOA debit card loaded with my assistance.

They’ve got my name and address correct, but why would they apply to have stuff sent here to me a home. I don’t get the end-scam.

Pain to ass, because now I have to make calls I guess. I reported both issues on line, should I call BOA as well??

Maybe they were hoping to intercept your mail, such as removing it from your mailbox before you got to it.

Or after applying for the assistance, they tried to change your address, but the system wouldn’t let them.

On that note, I got a new drivers license today, and they now produce them in a central facility and mail them to you instead of producing them on the spot like they used to. This is part of the new Real ID program in my state to make it more difficult for someone to conduct identity theft. Anyway, it was emphatic that the new license would be mailed to me, but would not be forwarded. In other words, someone couldn’t apply for a license in my name and then put a forwarding order in at the post office.

Government officials are evidently trying to crack down on fraud where they can.

My state has had losses over $200 million in fake unemployment claims. I got an unemployment notice at work for one of our employees who hasn’t filed for unemployment, but someone did in her name. Make sure you report it to your state unemployment office.

Sounds like your scammer messed up.

I had this happen to me.
I got a debit card from Pennsylvania. Not sure how the scammer was going to get it out of my mailbox in Arizona. The fraud folks in PA were happy to have me report it and destroy the card.

DES confirmed that the scammer has my social security #, so I am basically in identity theft hell. 6 hours on the phone yesterday locking everything down. I hope. A state inspector is supposed to call me about my report, but nothing yet. Damn!!

That sucks! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

Do you have any clue how your S.S. number was compromised?

Nope, but since it’s top of mind for me, I have been telling everyone and sadly, everyone knows everyone who got scammed. The local UPS store owner got 3 requests for verification of employment for 3 people he never heard of. And another guy dodged a bullet as the scammer got his Chinese name wrong, and he (guy I am talking about) got a letter for clarification of his name. .

Somebody was stealing my mail a year ago precisely because they had applied for a credit card in my name and it was being sent to my house, so they would steal my mail around the day they expected the credit card to be delivered. Only found out when I came home early and found the first bill for it in my mailbox.