Someone named Nicole stole $700.00 from us.

My wife was checking for the automatic deposit from here employer last Friday and discovered an unauthorized $700 e-mail money transfer from her own savings account. Essentially a withdrawal. The wife and I as well as our daughter have to turn in our cards to get new ones.

We talked to the bank and they told us it was Nicole although at this point they still don’t know who Nicole is. Everything is cool though and she will get reimbursed in a few more days. We still haven’t got to the bottom of this, but the bank advised us to clear our cache every time we do on-line banking. The problem is we always do.

Details if you get them.

Banks love to blame the customer, even when the problem is theirs. I had to go through the PITA of moving all my accounts and doing all that stuff. At first they blamed me, and said my computer was compromised. Being an IT geek, I only use one secure machine to do my banking, so I went and looked in to that machine, and it was pristine. After pestering and digging, the insisted it was at my end. It was only months later that I learned the mortgage banker had his laptop stolen, and I had visited him that day. So they shut down all his accounts he had worked on that week.

Why they insisted on lying to me, I have no idea.

I agree that it is their normal modus operandi to do so - I had someone else’s payments taken out of my account not once but twice by the same bank*, and the second time I told them what was happening since it had happened before, but they didn’t believe that was possible. I finally convinced them to check, and sure enough, same stupid mistake.

Does shutting down your browser clear your cache? That is what my bank recommends after doing online banking.

*It was a case of someone working near my branch, and coming in to my branch to pay their bills. Their account number was the same as mine, but with a different transit (branch) number, and the clerk not checking all the numbers carefully enough.

There ought to be something in the options to do that, but not normally, no. Of course it shouldn’t really be possible for anyone to read anything from your cache anyway.

I was cybercrimed last Christmas when my account was hacked via a PayPal hacking scheme. They bled me dry with over 70 supposed transaction via PayPal. I had thousands of dollars in the account since it was the time of year and I was shopping everywhere. I had to close the debit card; it was a mess since I do all my bills etc…with it. I was told it’s the password and to change it every month. And no; I did not give out my password in my email to anyone.

PayPal paid me back a total of over 3 grand. I have closed my PayPal account. If you go on Youtube they have videos on how to hack PayPal accounts and even sell the hack ware! Oh they say it’s safe but beware. Then I had a similar online scam put on me a month later; had to close another debit card. What; these people have my picture on there front monitors saying easy target. I change my passwords all the time now and the passwords would make an English literary scholar cry. I only use Amazon or if I’ve been doing business with them in the past or Google to pay for things. I am extremely cautious; Lesson learned.

What’s wrong with people?

I had the opposite problem once. Back in the 80s I was planning on closing a checking account and was waiting for my last check to clear. When I got the bank statement that showed that the check had cleared it also showed a deposit that I hadn’t made. So I took the statement with me when I went to the bank, expecting that they would be able to just pull the money out of my account and let me withdraw the balance and close the account. Instead I had to sit there for half an our while someone looked over the photocopy of the handwritten deposit slip with my account number handwritten on it that had been included with the statement. They treated me as if I was trying to steal someone else’s money, and refused to let me close the account.

Finally they let me cash a check for the account balance they showed less the amount of the incorrect deposit. Then the next month I got a statement showed the check I had cashed, a debit reversing the incorrect deposit, and a fifty-cent service charge because my balance was now under the $100 minimum. They expected me to pay this before they’d let me close the account! I ignored it, along with the next five statements they sent, each insisting that I owed them fifty cents. I finally got a notice that they were closing my account for inactivity and graciously waiving the negative balance.

Dammit, Snooki… is there no limit to the depth of your depravity?

I use Firefox, and my email is Hotmail. If I have a browser window open, and I’ve signed in to Hotmail, and then gone on to other sites, and go back to Hotmail, I’m still signed in.

That’s not exactly what you asked, but that’s what I’ve got.

I try to never use PayPal; the Straight Dope is the only place that I’m forced to use PayPal (yes, I know, you can just pay with a credit card - except PayPal keeps grabbing your credit card number when you enter it).

They’re assholes.

Have you been contacted by your bank or followed any links through e-mail? Just a few days ago, hackers accessed a bunch of information containing customer names and/or e-mails. Maybe someone in your household accidentally followed a fake link? I hope it all works out for you. Good luck!

Last year my sister had her credit card details stolen, and the thief made a large cash advance from her card into his own bank account. That crime didn’t require the finest brains of Scotland Yard to solve. :smiley:

I LOVE dumb criminal stories. That one’s a good one. Not quite as good as the guy who wrote the hold up note on his deposit slip, but very good.

How about someone in a clinic who took a patient’s credit card info - and used it to pay her own utilities (via phone calls)? So not only do you have the evidence of the thief’s own name and address linked to where the stolen money is going, but also those “may be recorded for quality” phone calls.

I got an email from Chase this morning stating that one of their vendors underwent some recent unauthorized access–but don’t worry, it was only to our email addresses and not to our bank accounts or anything!

(IMO if that’s what they actually authorized in a press release, what actually happened may be a lot worse)

Cache, no, cookies, yes. Of course, a good banking system doesn’t leave behind cookies and automatically logs you out even before you close the browser. Mine shuts you down after 10 minutes.

While possible, I think it more likely that they would have had to tell you if the actual online accounts were in trouble, or risk quite a lot of problems when bad things happened en masse. They more likely released this because they knew you are going to find out soon about them having your email, and be worried that they have your account information as well.

I hope so as well - I got an email from Best Buy about the same email address breach.

When there was a breach of info from our mortgage provider a few years ago, we were offered a year of free monitoring.

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