Someone needs to check the stamps on Hal Briston's passport...

APB for sheep rapist in Sweden.

Can anyone vouch for his whereabouts during this time?

"Police in Ronneby, Sweden, are looking for a man accused of having sex with a sheep (not pictured). "

We wouldn’t want to embarass the poor wooly victim, now would we?

Now THATS some first world white peoples (sheeps?) problems right there.

Sweden, where the men are men and the sheep have their own rape crisis hot line.

The weirdest part is the Sweden decriminalized sex with animals in 1944. WTF???

The part that gets me is this:

So many questions come to mind, such as: ‘bwuh?’ and ‘why the fuck?’ and ‘who the fuck would want to study that?’

Yes. But they have to CONSENT to it. Maybe this sheep filed charges?

So, its probably a case of heeeeee said, sheeeee said.

Why would ewe go there?

And “they had enough sheep-lovers on hand for a study?”

Don’t tell me that this tidbit got past the prying eyes of the SDMB. This pun is really baaaaaaad.