Someone please tell my friends how stupid they are. I don't have the heart.

This is a very alarming scam against women!!! Please let eveyone know
about this!!!

Thought that I should pass this along - it sounds legitimate…

There is another awful scam going on out there. You should send this to any women you know and care about. I don’t normally forward
warnings about scams, but this one looks important.

If a man comes to your door and says he is conducting a survey and asks you to show him your tits, DO NOT SHOW HIM YOUR TITS.

This is a scam.

He is only trying to see your tits.

Actually in future I may just send them the link to this thread as well as Podkayne’s “Saint Forwarder” thread down below. That should work wonders.


There. I have illustrated thusly


See, Milo, your friends only know you as _____. They don’t know that in your other life, you are a superhero named Milossarian, and every time they send you a piece of ignorance you are forced to change into a spandex jumpsuit and a cape, put your underwear on the outside, and charge in to fight it. Maybe if you started wearing the superhero garb when you go out with them?

When I first moved to Chicago, my only internet access came in one 30 minute session per day at the local public library. I was in a new city, I was lonely, I’d open my email and see 12 messages from friends and get all psyched, only to realize that it was all joke forwards. I had to train my friends not to send me crap by basically saying “unless you yourself wrote this specifically to me, I don’t want it. Ever.”

So I stopped getting crap after that. I pretty much stopped getting email after that.


One of my friends sent me the “e-mail beta testing” bullshit e-mail just the other day, but I have a feeling it will be the last time I get any junk mail from her.

Being bored, I basically assumed the role of Mr. Angry and responded to the e-mail with comments that included the phrases “Holy Jesus Christ on a Fucking Stick” and “Goddammit, get your story straight, you fucking loser” and forwarded that to her and everyone else that was CC’d on her e-mail.

Turns out that neither her mother, nor her grandmother, nor her little sister were really thrilled with my response. Oops. One of our mutual friends, though, said that she almost peed her pants. I simply told me friend that should she send any more of these my way, I would be happy to refute them again in my own colorful way, which, by the way, they’re all talking about out on the East Coast. (At least all those related to her.)

I tried to point out that Holy Jesus Christ on a stick was pretty much the central image of Chrisitanity, but she still looked a little ticked off.

Up until a month ago, these UL mails were sent to me ad nauseum. But once I started replying (to all) that they were bullshit, and pasting Straight Dope links, with the occasional snopes, not only have I stopped receiving this type of mail, but there’s now a small but growing army who receives, checks and debunks similar email.
Last week I got a note from a friend thanking me for giving her the opportunity to shut her mother up about the “missing kidney” UL, which she had gotten seven times from dear old mum.
Kinda gets me all choked up inside.

Let’s add blessedwolf to that Hall of Justice. Here’s your jumpsuit and your cape - you provide your own undies to wear on the outside.

I just had to post here because my sig is soooo appropriate!!

P.S. has anyone else received that email with the conflation of all urban legends in it? You know, it’s something like, “So this guy was sitting in his bathtub trying to relax from the shock of finding a rat in his Kentucky Fried Chicken, when he suddenly realized that his kidneys were gone!” and so on. Like, the premise is that all these urban legends happened to this one guy. I got it once & it was superfunny, but I didn’t save it…if you’ve got it, could you send it to me?

" . . . would be happy to refute them again in my own colorful way, which, by the way, they’re all talking about out on the East Coast. (At least all those related to her.)"

—Actually, R.D., it’s all anyone in New York is talking about today! It’s on the cover of the New York Post (“MAD DOG BLASTS E-SCAM!”) and is making the rounds of the NY Times Bulding news zipper and everything!

This is a funny mock chain letter, if anyone’s interested in circulating it:

No whitey-tighties either. Red “Superman™” are the preferred brand of superheros everywhere.

Underwear? Who wears underwear?


(Sorry about the imagery there.)


Umm, yeah, okay, I have to go rinse my brain out now…

My favorite. Sure as heck works on most cow-orkers.

Anyone interested might want to look at The Curse of a Thousand Chain Letters, at They have a gallery of chain letters divided into categories such as hoaxes, entertaining, smilies, and rebuttals. This last section is particularly worth reading… try sending this one to your friends, Milo.

I abhor these chain letter things, and the touching messages make me want to touch the walls with spew. Gag.

I love the four chain letters Henry posted. I think I’ll start a chain letter of chain letters… j/k

As an animal lover, you get real extra special messages. I’ve gotten one of the ‘touching’ stories about the sad little kitty around the apartment buildings that was ugly and mistreated and no one loved it, and the person didn’t realize until it was half-dead from being burned in a fire, and purring, that realized that the meaning of all true beauty and love forevermore lives in the heart.

I HATE that shit.

I delete all fwd messagess now. Die, forwarders, die.

Second me to on the I want to marry Henry’s friend vote. (I’m sure my husband won’t mind farming me out to nag someone else.)