Someone stop me now! (Final Fantasy 4 & politics)

If I didn’t just create the worst collision of psuedo-intellectualism and nerdery then I can’t imagine what it is.

I was thinking about the story for FF4 recently, and realized how easy it would be to adapt the early parts of it into a metaphor for the war in Iraq. Cecil fights a war as the Dark Knight of Baron for the King who raised him, because it’s what was asked of him, but he begins to have doubts and question the morality and justification of the war when faced with what’s actually being done. In truth, the King he believes in has been replaced by an evil, power-hungry monster that disguises itself as the King to mislead the people of Baron.

So I’m not crazy for thinking this makes a good parallel for all the faithfull republicans who’ve been duped by the current administration into following on this fubar war because they think the republican party represents the middle-class, middle-american conservative, am I? For the soldiers who are over there, fighting and dying for a people who won’t work together to establish a peaceful nation, don’t want us there, and who did not pose a real threat to the US?

…such a nerd! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, if you extend this metaphor as Cecil = Republican, then eventually they will face their dark selves, become paladins, and eventually save the world! They’ll meet some cool dwarves on the way too. hi-ho hi-ho hi-ho :slight_smile:

Does this mean that GWB is weak vs lightning?

Not only that, but therell be a metaphorical drilling inside the planet with a king fu master named Yang. Let’s not forget the drying pan, either.

I wish Final Fantasy would finally jump ship and come to Microsoft. I do miss those games…

One can only hope (that’s okay to say, right?).

Autolycus, it’s a dream I hold fondly that the large contingent of people in the party will “face their darkside” and start new freakin’ party that actually stands for what they think the Republicans stand for. I grew up with a mom who was staunchly R, and for a time, I thought that was the right way. Our fearless leader, the deciderer ™, and his administration disabused me of that notion pretty darn quickly. I’m still waiting on her to realize it, and stop watching Fox News.

Not that anyone asked, but what got me started on this was thinking about what it would take to make decent adaptations of the Final Fantasy games as tv shows or movies (presumably anime for budgetary reasons, if nothing else). I started playing with the idea for 4 because it’s the story I can most readily recall little details for off the top of my head. I think it’d break down as a set of 7 movies/OVA’s, like so:

Part I
Raid on Mysidia
Kingdom of Baron
Journey into Mist
In The Village of Mist
Been Through The Desert
One Night in Kaipo
Peace -> I’d extend timeline a bit to have Cecil and Rydia bond in Kaipo
To Damcyan
Part II
Through Watery Pass
Attack on Damcyan
Hunting Antlions
Return to Kaipo
On Mt. Hobbs
Assault on Fabul
Set Sail
Attack of Leviathan
Part III
All Washed Up
Mysidian Trials
Mountain of Ordeals
Way to Baron
Occupied City
The Uprising -> more emphasis on an armed upheaval in Baron
Baron’s Future
Part IV
Toria, Paradise on Earth
Magnus Cave
Tower of Zot
Return to Baron
To Agart
the Underworld
In Stahlburg Castle -> me having fun making up names for the unnamed things (dwarf castle)
Part V
Raid on Tower of Bab-Il
Yang’s Sacrifice
Airship Chase
Requiem for The King -> meeting King Baron’s ghost, getting Odin summon
Return to Mist
Exploring Eblana
Battle in the Caverns
Rest & Recovery
Part VI
Tower of Bab-Il
The Last Dark Crystal
Kingdom of Spirits -> I’d combine the sylph cave and summons land for brevity
The Sealed Cave
Mind Control! - Cain’s second betrayal was mind control, the first personal motivation, right?
Of The Legendary Ship
Cid’s Last Task
Fate of the World
Part VII
Yang’s Wife
Lunar Whale?
Straight to the Moon
God-King of Dragons
The Story Behind It All
The Giant of Bab-Il
Final Confrontation