Someone wrote "K-R-Y-S-T" on subsequent lamp poles ...

… and then the whole word, KRYST, on the next one. Is this a religious thing? I’m in Dallas and we have a sizeable Spanish-speaking population but that’s not how they spell it. My only other guess is it’s a reference to the Coptic Christians in mourning, but that’s a total WAG.

Any ideas?

It’s probably just some punk’s tag. I think you’re reading too much into it.

He was probably writing out his girlfriend’s name and ran out of poles.

I was thinking he liked 2nd-tier sliders, but ran out of poles.


Hah! Except … there are more available poles after it, all clean and empty and just waiting to be vandalized. Also, the writer did take the time to re-write the entire word on the final post.

I’m sure I am reading too much into it. Just idle curiosity, really. I think the funniest one I see frequently is someone who tags “BORED” all over a particular neighborhood.

Erm, I’d not read Coptic stuff into it, it doesn’t fit with the faith and culture.
I’d not read some Christian type into it either, as anyone of fundamentalist views wouldn’t denigrate the “name”(which is Greek in origin).
More likely a drunken KKK wannabe type, trying to impress his friends or some other drunken lunacy.