Someone's at the door: American Gothic on DVD

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Looks like October for this overlooked cult classic. Gary Cole was brilliant in this.

Oh yes! I loved that show-I was so disappointed when it was cancelled.

And if I recall, the show was created by Shaun Cassidy; I like when a pop star turns out to have a brain.

Cassidy has a new show this fall, “Invasion”, but I don’t know anything about it.


That “Someone’s at the door” ad was giving me nightmares before I’d even seen the series- I missed a lot of them, back in my pre-VCR days, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ve held up.

This is great news! So the petition worked?

I loved that show! I think they messed with the order of the last eps or I missed a couple near the end, but it always reminded me of if Mayberry was a rehearsal for The Stand.

I’ve done two searches and can’t find the thread that discussed the “right” order to watch the DVDs in…which interests me since I got the set yesterday. Does anyone know which episodes are in the wrong order? From reading the blurbs on the disks, it looks like the finale is ahead of some of the unaired eps.

My fiance and I are watching the series now, having rented it from I was under the impression there was only one disk/seven episodes. If you watch an episode where a young woman is sitting on the bed constantly repeating “Someone’s at the door…”, that’s the first episode. It’s on the side that has three episodes as opposed the the side with four.

I have to say I was expecting the series to be a little more creepy than it is, a la X-Files. Plus that kid from Sling Blade has one of the worst (faked?) southern accents known to man.

And on second read of your post, you’re saying the episodes on the disk are out of order? I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary in the 4 episodes we’ve watched so far.

It was great show whose broadcast order was fucked up upon original release and which may have contributed to its early demise.

There are 22 episodes on two double-sided discs.

You can get the proper episode order in this DVD review.

Quoted for the DVD Review article:

“Universal’s flawed DVD-18s will add to the headaches of consumers when the disc starts to skip around. Hey, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a “good” set (it’s sad that you have to hope your disc will play, isn’t it?).”

What’s a “DVD 18”?

Two of my discs were flawed. Some Amazon reviewers complained that they’d had three sets, all of them bad, and they just gave up on sending them back for replacement.

Put that together with having the eps in the wrong order, and you gotta wonder what Universal’s thinking.

That’s industry-speak for double-sided DVDs.

There are 3 types of DVDs currently being manufactured: DVD-5, which is a single layer disc that contains about 4.5 gigs of data, DVD-9 which contains data on 2 disc layers effectively, capacity to 9 gigs (this is the most common format), and DVD-18 which contains 4 data layers, 2 per disc side. This last is the trickiest to manufacture prone to the types of problems mentioned in the review.

I loved Lucas Black in this series, too. “Hey, Merlie…”

You forgot DVD-14: double layer on one side, single layer on the other. Empire of the Sun and The Pianist, among others, were released in this format (movie on one side, special features on the other.)

Universal DVD18’s are notorious for being defective out of the box, because they are printed in Mexico, where quality control is, shall we say, less than standard. (Thanks, NAFTA!) However, I’ve heard that dropping the DVD in a pot of boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes can actually fix the problem…yes, boil 'em. Here’s a thread from the DVD Talk forum that describes the process.

(I have never tried this, I am not responsible if you try it, yada yada yada…)

How far did you have to get into the episodes before realizing there was something wrong with it? Wouldn’t play, or stopped playing some point into the episode? I’d hate to have the set for long enough to realize months later that there’s something wrong with the disks if it’s the latter.

Different series (I think they fixed the DVDs, from the reviews I read it sounded like they improved) but Due South is another one that came out on DVD-18. Not only were there no extras but they wanted $100 for three double-sided discs! That would either arrive broken or unplayable!