Someone's knockin' at the door....

…sang McCartney in the seventies. Who was there? Sister Susan(ne), Auntie Gin(?), Uncle Ernie, Phil and Don, etc etc. Were these just nonsense rhymes or were Phil and Don supposed to be references to someone of note, say for example, the Everely Brothers? (I caught the end of A&E Biography last night on the duo, and it got me to thinking where I heard of a musical Phil and Don before). If so, how did this Kentuckians rank with Paul’s immediate and extended family? Kindly excuse the Friday am grammar.

Thanks Paul. Now I’ve got that damn song stuck in my head again.

I noticed that the lyrics (which can be found here among other places) also mention Martin Luthor. I’m curious as to whether that refers to the famous religion reformer, or the civil rights leader (MLK).

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.

Phil and Don Everly.

But, more to your point, I think he was just pulling names out to fit the music.

One of many dumb, but successful, songs by the erstwhile Beatle.

I think it has no further meaning, unlike Rick Nelson’s “Garden Party,” which was a reference to Nelson’s appearance at an oldies show at Madison Square Garden.

Paul actually does have a brother Michael and an Auntie Gin.


Michael McCartney achieved some modest fame as pop musician Mike McGear in the late '60s / early '70s.

One Beatles song from the Help / Rubber Soul period had the working title “Auntie Gin’s Theme.” It may have been “I’ve Just Seen A Face.” I no longer remember. After great effort, some of the neurons previously dedicated to such useless matters are finally being reassigned to more fruitful pursuits.

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