How many states have a Somerset county or Somerset city? I know that both Maryland and Pennsylvania do (I live in Somerset, PA). It seems that I have heard tell of others. Anyone know? And for that matter, why are there so many?

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I don’t know if there is a Somerset Michigan, but my favorite mall is called the Somerset Collection in Troy. No idea why. I figure they’re big Maugham fanatics.

Somerset, NJ. I have an office there. My dictionary also lists that name for an island off the coast of Northwest Territories, Canada, a city near Lexington KY, and town in SE Massachuesetts.

I don’t know if there is one specific reason for this duplication of names. Some guesses of mine are: coincidence that the founders were named Somerset, the founders came from a town also named Somerset, the founders just liked the sound of the name Somerset.

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Pick up an Atlas. Look in the index. My National Geographic World Atlas (1992) gives Somersets in the following:
Manitoba (Canada)

In addition, there is Somerset County in England, Somerset Center in Michigan, Somerset East and Somerset West in South Africa, Somerset Island in Bermuda, Somerset Island in NW Territory (Canada), and Somerset reservoir in Mass and Vermont. There’s also a Somerset-Burnie in Australia, don’t know if you want to count that.

Interestingly, my Hammond World Atlas (1996) shows a Somerset in NY.

I know its already been posted, but I don’t care. Somerset, MA. Town next to mine. Buncha snobs over there…


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So go and steal their lemon tree.

Not to mention the Kingdom of Somerset ( )!

But the reason, of course, is that Somerset is one of the ancient shires of England. There are also quite a few Essex’s, Sussex’s, etc.

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There’s also a Somerset in Washington State, on the eastside of Lake Washington.

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