Something about B-sides???

What do you mean? MachineHead was talking about singles, not albums. And what does age have to do with albums? You can go to the store and buy any number of albums. Billboard has an albums chart. MP3s aren’t that ubiquitous, are they?

Thanks everybody.

Well, let’s not forget where the actual term “album” comes from: exactly that. In the days of 78’s, 8 to 10 songs were packaged in an actual album with 4-5 discs, eack disc in a sleeve that was a “page” in the album. Pretty old concept, that, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not knowing this origin in this day and age.

Sometimes B-Sides can be alternate versions of songs that were on the album.

For instance, one of my favorite B-Sides of all time is also one of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs. As a B-Side on the CD-single for “Digging on the Dirt,” he made a softer version of the song “Steam.” The B-Side version is called “Quiet Steam,” and as a great improvement over a song that’s already pretty good. I love that one.

Tori Amos also used to do some great B-Sides, mainly covers. Her versions of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” all started out as B-Sides, as I recall. They’re all classic in my book.

Take heart Kallessa.
45’s are still being made.

Sure they did. The sound before the click from the molding seam, and the sound after the click from the molding seam.

Oh yeah. We’re old. Shall we stroll down Ampex Alley?


Thanks, I’ve been trying to remember the maker of that video tape recorder with those reel to reel tapes, back when I repaired Marconi cameras.

Ah, so it’s just a simple case of confusing etymology with definition. After all, albums in the 60s weren’t released like that. An album is a collection of songs, longer than an EP, and doesn’t refer at all to the format that it is available in.

Yes, and in my definition album, = Vinyl LP, and CD = CD.

This thread has at the same time confused me, and managed to make me feel about 100 years old. Now I’m old and confused. :frowning:

Heh. Marconi Cameras??? Surely you jest. Cite? :stuck_out_tongue: Marconi RADIOS, that I’d have believed.