Something fishy in the Holy See

I get the bread to body and wine to blood. I get the absolution of sins. I get Advent, Lent and no birth control.
But sooner or later you gotta draw the line somewhere.
What’s the deal with fireworks at the beatification of Ma Theresa? I’ll give you a Papal address (complete with Holy Drool Wiper), a processional and High Mass. I’ll even give you a few candles and acolytes.

But fireworks?!!

Gimme a break. What’s next? Laser lights and flash pots? Mass in 3-D?

The Church used to be big in fireworks. Back when they (the fireworks) were first invented. The Church and kings were the only ones with the cash for big fireworks. (I’m going from a half-remembered PBS special. It had Stacy Keach in it, so you know it was good.)

There was also a troupe of Indian dancers. How do you feel about dancing?

Mamba-ing monks, I can see.
Sacheting sisters, ok.
Be-bopping bishops would be pushing it.

Fireworks when the Pope was a Political entity I can see. But now? I just think fireworks are a bit much and detract from the whole “sanctity of the ceremony” I’m sure the Vatican was shooting for before jumping the shark.

i was a bit baffled by the fireworks. then again i am aghast at people applauding in church.

They shot off the fireworks inside St. Peter’s Basilica? :eek:

What would you expect of a fisherman’s boat?


Just how many hungry/starving people would they have been able to feed on the cost of those fireworks? :eek:

I was rather disturbed by the sight and I still am. :mad:

Very likely, none. In the past they have tried, but even with a lot of ketchup, very few are enthusiastic about slopping down cash.

Or, they ran into problems with gender discrimination. The men normally got to rummage first, and the women came after. When one woman complained about not being able to partake of anything but coins, the presiding Cardinal shrugged his shoulders and pointed at a nearby guy, obviously full.

“It’s not our fault. The check is in the male.”

My, goodness.

I saw a bit of this on the news the other night. I remember the newsreader saying that the fireworks were put on by the city of Rome, not the Vatican, if that makes any difference.

That was a groaner of a pun worthy of Spider Robinson, Skippy.

Pretty much. The ironic part of it is, earlier this year the curia had to send back to committee a set of new guidelines for masses because the first draft that would drastically cut down on such things as dancing, female altar servers, alternative readings, etc. was deemed a bit too harsh.

So apparently quite a few people in the staff are already wondering where it will all lead…


Who else remembers Tom Lehrer’s Vatican Rag?

Do whatever steps you want if
you have cleared them with the Ponitff…

You all might be interested to know that there’s a musical about Mother Teresa that’s playing in Italy. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen a video about it on CNN. I wonder if it was sanctioned by the Vatican . . .

I wonder when she is made a full fledged card carrying saint if they will have Britney and Madonna sing a song together. :smiley: