Something Fishy in the State of Illinois

Former fishing guide and professional bass angler Larry Coleman landed what appeared to be a 1-pound 7-ounce walleye, winning $100 in the Kankekee River Fishing Derby. It was later discovered that the fish contained lead weights and now Coleman faces being banned from Northern Illinois Anglers Association events.

The only link is in the Kankakee paper and they charge for the whole story.

And I thought Obama care was a scandal! :slight_smile:

Did he also break the fish’s spine to make it appear longer?

A 1-pound, 7-ounce walleye won a prize? And the guy had to cheat to get that?

Man, Illinois are weird.

My guess is that he had to put the lead weights in to keep it from floating away. Since when do they give prizes for largest bait?

Weird Walleye Weighing Causes Kankakee Kerfuffle

It’s possible he was just in the running and didn’t have the “winner”. Other reports aren’t clear on that and I’d rather not pay for the article. :slight_smile:

Lead Leads to Leaderboard Change

Mustachioed Miscreant Monkeys with Mass, Perplexed Pescatorians Propose Permanent Proscription.

Actually fairly common cheat, which is why they’ve generally started cutting open the top fish to check for it.

I thought this was going to be about the Testicle-Eating Fish Species, Caught In Lake Lou Yaeger In Illinois

Someone oughta be banned for mistaking a perch for a walleye.

I’m trying to imagine a fishing contest where a walleye under 1-1/2 pounds wouldn’t just cause all the adults to say, “Aww, ain’t that cute!”

Illicit Illinoisan Inflates… Ah the hell with it, no one else is playing!

Going to shuffle this off to the Game Room.

I’m shocked and disappointed that such a thing would happen in Illinois. Everyone knows that the proper way to win a contest is to bribe the judges, not to stick weights in a stupid fish.

With all that lead, one wonders if the fish was originally swimming in a wood cylinder.

If it makes you feel any better, your other posts made me chuckle.

Amoral Angler awaits decision from Derby Deciders!