Something For Simpsons/NFL Fans

Just came across this today, and needed to share: Simpsons characters pick the week’s games

This week, Sideshow Bob makes your picks.

Whoohoo! Not an NFL fan, but a big simpsons fan, and that was pretty funny.

One dumb-sounding question, though: When they show the running tallies of how those who have gone before have done in their picks - is the third number for ties?? (And thus, the first number being when the picked team won and the second number counting when the other team beat them.)

For purposes of that page, the third number is the number of games for which the character did not make a pick.

Invariably, Sunday night games have a prediction of “This game is on opposite the Simpsons, so I say don’t watch, it’s gonna be terrible”. They don’t make a pick, so they get neither a win nor a loss.

Just a guess, but its probably for a push (in gambling terms) or a tie. For example, say Tampa was getting 3 points, and they wound up losing by 3, that would be a push.

Or it could be that.

Which would make a whole lot more sense.

They don’t show any spreads on the games Sideshow Bob picked, I’m going with the ‘no pick’ reasoning.

Yeah that was my only concern, but I couldn’t possibly think of any other reason until I saw **Hal Briston **'s reply.

“As the immortal Rodgers and Hammerstein once penned: ‘Everything’s up to date in Kansas City.’ Everything, that is, except its secondary. Zing! Take the Chargers.”


He and Mayor Quimby’s son would get along well.

The Simpsons folks have been good comedic sports when it comes to Fox Sports promotions, now that I think about it. A couple years back when Fox was airing the Super Bowl, they had these interstitials where Fox characters asked the viewing audience Super Bowl trivia questions. Instead of a serious question, the very funny Simpsons viginette featured the guys at Moe’s Tavern pondering a question asked on TV: “Who was the most handsome man ever to play in the Super Bowl, according to everybody?” (Answer: John Elway)