Something for you Cure fans

After reading this thread I wasn’t sure if anyone knew, but the Cure are apparently releasing a new album in September :smiley:
This is great news for all the fans out there and anyone else wondering what those guys are up at the moment. If you’re interested there seems to be a bit of news and information on this site a Chain of Flowers


thanks for the info!

I’m excited although a little concerned…I picked up a video of old and newer music videos of theirs (to compensate for the fact that I have no idea whatever happened to my copies of Picture Show and Staring at the Sea, but I miss them dearly). There were two previously unheard songs on there; one was really, really good and the video was excellent, but the other was really, really awful and had some dippy blonde girl hopping around and shouting along with Robert. Mr. Bunny and I couldn’t even sit through the whole thing, it was that bad.

Of course, I’ll still buy it.