Something happen to the crazy 9/11 Truth thread?

Just what is says. There was a new crazy “towers were blown up” thread in GD. It’s gone. Was it deleted or am I blind? Why?

Probably sock puppet. That’s the usual cause for a thread disappearance.

One of the loons returned?

Already being discussed in ATMB
Really, though, the answer to this question is always the same: If it wasnt’ an obvious troll, it was a sock puppet.

Sock puppet is probably right. Of course, I love the increasingly convoluted theories and so on. It’s hilarious watching them come up with some logical rationale which will let them keep their beliefs absent any knowledge of politics, demolition, or engineering.

Funny, the other night I was in a restaurant and overheard a couple discussing the remote-controlled planes. To their credit, I think they’d heard about this from a friend, and were attempting to think about it critically.

But a friend of mine, who is otherwise very smart, completely buys into the conspiracy. The one bit of “evidence” he has that I can’t refute is this: It’s said that the engines from the planes were never recovered. (I know at least one was.) It’s said that they burned up. But jet engines are designed to withstand that kind of heat.

What’s the poop on that?

Well first off, not every component is designed to withstand the full heat of the engine, and I very much doubt that any of it gets as hot as the building fires were. Aside from which, it was smashed to pieces at the time.

You’re probably thinking the one shown more or less intact near a bent Murry St. sign. Your friend will probably use the CT playbook and claim it’s from the wrong type of plane.

I’m not a crazy conspiracy nut (I, for example, the Oswald acted alone, as much as I would like to believe otherwise), and I don’t think the towers were destroyed via a coordinated American (or Israeli) plan.

I do, however, have a question that has been nagging me, although I’ve been loathe to create a thread to ask it. So, since we are on the topic of 9/11, does anybody know if it is true that A.G. John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial airplanes in the months prior to 9/11?

(By way of explanation, I do believe there was “chatter” about some sort of plot, although I don’t think the U.S. Gov’t put the pieces together prior to 9/11. The President’s Daily Briefing (Bin Laden Determined To Attack inside U.S.) essentially corroborates this unspecific knowledge).

I heard the Israelis flew a pair of viruses into that thread, trying to set up the sock puppets.

That’s what CBS reported.

God don’t you people know anything?

Clearly the planes opened a portal to another dimension. As the demons escaped into Earth they dropped red herrings all over the place to confound us all for eternity.

Looks like he’s back.

Only for official travel, though. He flew commercial planes for personal travel, including a trip with his wife.

and promptly sent back to The Great Bit Bucket In The Sky.

That’s not the linked story said – it included ALL travel, including purely personal.

Actually that thread got “disappeared” because the OP was about to reveal the Unrefutable Truth about 9/11. The mods, who are sent a lot more beer and chocolate than we could ever afford by Certain People Who Wear a Lot of Black But Aren’t into Fashion or Death Metal, did as requested.

Here’s more information on the John Ashcroft issue.


At the rate the conspiracy theorists keep expanding their chatter, I must assume that eventually everyone will be in either one camp or another, so that everyone will have intimate knowledge of the conspiracy either being a conspirator or conspiracy nut. 50/50 either way. :smiley: