Something i've always wondered about prepared foods....

Aside from the increase in price, is there a reason why mass produced foods are not vitamin/nutrient enhanced, y’know, any food that didn’t directly come from an animal, prepared stuff, wheter it be luncheon meats, cheeses, chips, snack foods, chocolate, Twinkies, why don’t they come fortified with nutrients?

…and more to the point, would a vitamin fortified Twinkie cause a rupture in the space-time continum and cause a paradox that would destroy all of reality?

so, expense aside, is there a reason prepared foods aren’t vitamin-enhanced?

It’d be more expensive, and they sell pretty well as-is.

Plenty is…it’s standard for prepared breakfast products (cereal, “bars”) and many kinds of bread. And then there are random enrichments like Vitamin D milk and iodized salt.

But really, few people who eat a varied diet have to worry about vitamin problems.

Plus if everything had vitamins added then you might have to worry about getting too much of some vitamins.

In this country (Australia), the food authorities have strongly discouraged this practice. As I understand it, they don’t want people to have a good excuse to eat poorly. For stuff like cereals, fortification is done under the banner of replacing the vitamins taken out by processing. It’s all rather baffling.

They have weakened on this in recent times, but here is a relevant excerpt from the policy: